PUBG Mobile Speed Glitch: No Guns? Easy… LOL

PUBG Mobile Speed Glitch? No Guns? Easy… LOL | Powerbang Gaming
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Paradise Hot Drop (I don’t glitch out in this one):

Today in PUBG Mobile, I have no idea what happened, but my girl decided to jump out of the plane again after I landed, and the result is a crazy speed glitch that had me moving SUPER fast around the map. Decided to see how long we could last and ended up making the final circle. Wasn’t planning…


  1. Just had a match like this in fpp. I was stuck under the floor and could only see my feet. My bullets hit to the right of people's feet. Was impossible to hit anyone lol.

  2. Freaking Indians stop comparing people with Mortal, he’s good (I admit that).
    But he isn’t the best player in Asia, maybe he’s the best of India and that’s it!

  3. Would u pls give away me a phone bcoz i have a vere low end phone and i cant play using it. Pls mn

  4. I once got stuck below the staircase at the small house that is made of wood. Basically I wanted to went outside the house moving backward and was playing around with my teammate and abit lagging than suddenly i teleported down there.I was not able to crouch/prone so i drop a bomb and my teammate is able to pick it up and throw it to me but still when i knock down i still can't get out then i died cause teammates can't revive me and save zone was closing

  5. Sooooo Many Hackers now.. People run where U can’t even see them run up the stairs and shot Me I couldn’t even see him running not only that but knew exactly where I was without looking for Me for 1 second like He knew My Address…

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