PUBG New BAN Policies | Keyboard & Mouse, Radar, Exploits, Team Killing, Major Penalties!

Looks like some pretty hefty consequences will be dealt out to those that continue to exploit and cheat in the game. I’m really happy to see these punishments, as hopefully it will deter the people doing it, and ban those that continue to do it.

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  1. if you complain about mouse ad keyboard you are a sucky lame player i have killed many ps4 and xboxers on mouse and keyboard i dont even have one but i think its a crybaby move give the babies a bottle

  2. naw eff that if i want to play mouse and keyboard i will its up to the rest to evolve

  3. I’m my opinion instead of banning people with mouse and keyboard or using controller how about they allow that but those people are not aloud to go into matches with people using the phones touch screen. Sort of like they did with call of duty mobile where you can use a controller but you’ll only be able to match with other players doing the same.
    This solution would make all parties happy as the people who enjoy keyboard and mouse/ controller can play it the way they want while it won’t effect anyone else playing the game on touch screen.
    And before everyone says oh but it’ll increase que times, I know it won’t because I bet half the people you match with are nothing but bots running around the map as they did that so people could find matches faster and the newer players can feel accomplished when they kill them.
    But this is my opinion if you have any problems with this then you can reply to it but I can understand banning the rest but not the part about banning people with keyboard and mouse.

  4. So how is it cheating if there is cross play now. We have a huge disadvantage especially in this game VS pc players

  5. ps4 released keyboard and mouse support noob. stop complaining and get good. little rand noob.

  6. I run into so many keyboard and mouse players on my ps4. Its unreal! They have such a big advantage.

  7. What about cross play where you play PC gamers they use mouse key board should they ban them and if you use a mouse on console it's not cheating it's just trying to make your skill better

  8. “Distributing hardware devices” is in no way the same as someone using a KB/Mouse … you know Microsoft make a device to use ISB devices for input, right?

  9. I don't think MnK players will receive bans as the argument goes that people who are unable to use a controller due to disability of whatever nature still need to be catered for and should be able to enjoy the game on console. I know you said MIGHT in the video and pubg's choice of words was carefully thought through lol

  10. Play fear shit, yeah. Why I am not in president family? Born fear you fucker

  11. What if my controller broked and all i got is a shitty keyboard and mouse and im broked 🙁

  12. I play mnk on console because it's a mouse and keyboard game but I think either they should implement it to get rid of it completely, but also what if a controller user is just really good and can flick with a controller? What if he or she gets banned because someone thought he or she was a mnk user and got pissed off and got killed by that said person?

  13. What? i cant say curse words? Im a full grown man! Lets get a class action lawsuit for freedom of speech😂😂😂
    Im joking.

  14. Well to get rid of all the cheaters and hackers from entering the game again on multiple account ban the IP address so they can't come back and keep doing it

  15. Aren't they doing cross platform between pc?? If so who cares about mouse and keyboard

  16. They should just add a nother server for keyboard and mouse becouse i wanna play keyboard but i cant afford a pc i dont use a keyboard but i want to

  17. I just got killed and spectated and mouse key user (vaseiro-do-kpta) and (vaseiro-do-diabo)…..and they need to add the report for plug-ins like mod packs and mouse/key.

  18. If the Xbox system allows the use of keyboard and mouse then it shouldn't be illegal.

  19. PUBG is a 💩 game….ban me and send my money back if playing how i want is a problem.

  20. I use a mouse cuz my hand is fucked & I can’t use a controller properly.

    So yea I think my opinion matters. Am I cheating?? No, I’m not! I’m playing the game with my condition to the best of my ability with what I have! & I know from reading forums online, lots of players out there have to use other means like a mouse or a keyboard or a half controller or some kind of adapter to play a game they love, so now we are going to get banned?

    How are they going about banning? Some salty twat gonna report me cuz I killed them to fast? Or is pubg gonna read that I have a mouse & I’ll get banned?

    You sound pretty ignorant & harsh saying you won’t bother reading comments or discussing it at all. Not everyone can afford a pc & not everyone is as capable as others & we have to use what we have! ✌🏼.

  21. i swear a lot of people play xbox with keyboard and mouse.. i just bought one.. im gonna use it.. you can tell when someone is using it.. just play pubg mobile and you will find out..

  22. Now I don't play fortnite I don't really enjoy it but I was told you could use mouse and keyboard but you were put in a pc lobby or if you were using controller on pc you would be put in a console lobby. Would that work for pubg?

  23. What about using controllers on PC racing games? or racing wheels in racing games? or scuff controllers / elite controllers in FPS games to re map buttons and have more fine tuned and accurate aim with the response curve settings and analog sticks with a wider range of motion?

  24. There should never be a third chance. If you get banned once and are stupid enough to commit the offence again then that should be an outright ban.

  25. Lets exploit the radar users hack into damcheaters database and release all names who use radar!

  26. Cant compare console players to pc users. But its much harder using a controller than keyboard & mouse. Cp players?Check dr disrespect hahaha watch his thoughts on them

  27. Isn't there a video of the CEO or whomever he is saying they know who exactly who is using k/m but that he also supports it tho??

  28. But i do have a question if anyone can answer
    What happens if you are just messing around with your friends knocking them but not killing them do you get ban that way???

  29. XBOX HAS WAY TO MANY RADAR AND K&M USERS especially the "top" players with high rankings good riddance

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