PUBG on XBOX: Patch #7 Review!

Patch notes review and my own personal input on the updates to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Please leave any feedback regarding the video in the comments below, and please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy quality PUBG content! More PUBG on Xbox tutorial videos are on the way, so stay tuned, AK NATION!

Xbox gamertag: Thump
Twitter: @AK101_Twitch

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  1. Okay man I gotta ask, why do you have the loudest intro in YouTube history but speak in the tone of a shy highschool boy about to ask his crush to homecoming ( not hate but turn your into volume down man)

  2. Are you on Xbox one x or s and should I get a copy of the game? Also thx for the information

  3. This has nothing to do about what your video is about, but man pubg is so boring. There were no action, that Is why I switched over to fortnite. The map is big, but just big enough to keep it interesting.

  4. Hey man just found this channel! Need a new icon lol because I just came from a PS4 and Fortnite to Xbox one S and PubG and everything seems different!

  5. Yo how u reload Bruh? Been in this game for 10 mins and can't fkin load ammo in my damn gun

  6. Hey! I have a big channel and willing to share the love by giving you a shoutout when I go live 🙂 If you subscribe and enable notifications on then I will honor my word!

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