PUBG PS4 & Xbox One // 12 Tips New Players NEED to Know

12 things you need to know if you are a new PUBG player on console (PS4 or Xbox One)!

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  1. This game sucks ass I literally hop on all the time to have fun instead half the time my bullets don’t shoot shit I aim down the sights guess what it gets worse the set up is terrible lmao and I don’t play cod to feel like o need adderall to keep up fuckin stupid shits not fun on ranked always get ducked over on the circle near the final 3 circles lmao games a joke

  2. Love the videos but telling us you played thousands of games every video is alil wierd. Just say u play alot lol

  3. Problem with bots is they see all , no hiding or getting the drop on any one if a bot is near it will start shooting you no matter how hidden you are ,alerting anyone to your sneaky ways

  4. I’m a baller on mobile PUBG but a damn noob on ps4. Easy on oben1kanobi next time you play😂

  5. Guys please can someone help me.

    I play pubg mobile since season 5, always reach minimum crown level and a few seasons ace im good at the game but I was thinking of moving over to the PS4 version but I missed the free PS plus version so would have to pay the £25..i just want to know if its worth it. I love the game but I don't know if I love it because of the mobile game play and that experience or would it be a completely different feel on the PS4?
    Any advice would be grateful

  6. Great game but its bullshit on ps. Its rubbish. Pc and xbox playing like theyre on mobile while recoil on PS is times 100.

  7. anyone know if the constumes on ps4 are limited time? something i heard

  8. This is the hardest game ever on console.
    Im good player on mobile but damn! It's almost impossible on console.
    Also it's a lot slower

  9. So I started playing pubg on console some time ago before the bots.

    I have always been bad at the game but I am in matches with 20% bots. Is there a way to get into matches with 80% bots to give a chance of winning once in a blue moon? I listened to your comments on bots, can I get back to being classed as a fresh player?

  10. Is a slow tactical approach better for this game or a more in your face play style?

  11. Who ever trying to run on ps4 hit me @brazyadrian

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