These guys think they are good because they are using radar? Wow, someone ban these guys.
Mycro Mixer
Hi iQ 6X 556
RT Kyrohz


  1. That kid keiros or have ever you spell it is mnk too lmfao radar and mnk

  2. Rank 60 and 73 took out at least 6 400+ rank players today I was one of them.pretty sure pubg has been inundated once again with aimbots/radar hacks.

  3. I've ran in to 3 people on xbox using aimbot. How even are they getting aimbot on xbox. The time they put in trying to hack could be time spent developing skills. Still got 100 wins this season despite lame ass hackers

  4. I ran into Laz when he didn’t have his radar team or maybe he did idk but all ik that I was just playing with better players than him and I’m also better same thing with mycro these people are scum

  5. FayZ Aimbot, BRSK MOROOOOOOO, Professyr, Carol Botsin, Seal Malak, All the Report team, GIMMIE NADES, Mixtape Live, and the list can continue, all of This guys have a dar, we cant play ranked mode because this fuc*=%n people

  6. What fucks…. guys like this and mnk/cronus/strikepack etc console users are pure trash…

  7. I still don’t know how me and my friends win chicken dinners with all these bums with hacks running around

  8. These are those dudes who dont even have a reliable reference for a job application. Pathetic

  9. lol and laz is on the leader boards for this season (season 6) how pathetic to need cheats to play the game

  10. Radar isn't as OP as one thinks. However that being said if really good players get it and use it correct you'd never know.

    It's only good for Looting mainly. As most decent players already know or have an idea where people are. Lazah use to play in tourneys. But Def gonna be banned in more after this spreads lol

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