PUBG Should Remove Spectating For This reason | Some YouTubers Doing Handcam Scam

PUBG mobile hack- pubg Spectate hack, pubg ESP hack, pubg Location Hack,
how to spectate mobile players from emulator
*****************Disclaimer **************************
This video is not intended to insult anyone.So don’t get triggered. and i don’t promote any kind of hacks.i love all loyal and true youtubers
Video Credit : i Got Half of this from-
Androws Aio –

Video Details: step- By steps how they do it-…


  1. tacaz,dwoz,ruppo,levinho,sevou,panda….use this…its my challange prove me wrong…bcz nobody can do 30+ kills everyday for content😊

  2. i didnt know this, but thank you… next time send to pubg mobile ceo not youtube.

  3. Do you know?? Most of top global/youtuber didn't compete in tour, it doesn't becoz they didn't want to but they're using TABLET/IPAD, and thats forbidden in tour since TAB/IPAD user have 5-6x bigger vision than mobile user. In pubg if you see enemy first, 70% you will win that fight.

  4. Bro when my enter to play wiz my sqaud it said that someone is using emulator is he a hack or

  5. The only legit players are the professional competetive player, the others such youtber pro all are fake, they only doing it for viewer to get money

  6. Well we want a YouTuber who grows with us 💪
    Trying to reach that goal through loyalty and no hacks is what makes us a man

  7. Now I know why a guy killed me with a drag after I moved to several places he always land it in my room

  8. I think even they use this trick, if they don’t have any skill, they won’t even win any game. Basically, this trick just show your opponent’s location, not some kind of aimbot thing. Except they use it too.

  9. Simple like tacaz, he know where enemy position. That's why it helps them. Aiayaa 😂😂

  10. I agree with you bro, many streamers are using this technique to achive their bad ambition. Hopefully TENCENT WILL COME OUT WILL THE SOLUTION. HACKER ARE USELESS AND STUPID!!!

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