PUBG TheFareoh radar hack cheat while streaming (Fareoh Remix)

Bad english and lots of typos, sorry for that.
You can see this guy is cheating he is watching a location of his enemy on a tablet or a phone on his lower right side (used to be left on older videos), please report him on pubg and on twitch (yeah he is trying to make money of his cheating), it gets pretty ovbious around minute 22:15, if dont want to watch a borring begining you can skip…


  1. Hambinoo does the same thing…I think he uses a radar hack as well…I think hacks are like drugs, once you start, you can never look at the game without it

  2. You are the man Wolf X! This video is what inspired me to create the videos of hambinooo using a radar cheat with his mysterious looks to his right. After my last video, he had this idiotic idea to move the radar off to his left. Check out the looks down and to his left as he drives into the compound. Even better is the glance left as he moves up the stairs –

    Once he got comfortable with moving the radar to his left, he tried streaming for a week with a monitor cam in an attempt to prove he was legit. Here's him playing with choco – In 20 seconds he takes 5 quick glances down and to his left.
    Again, thank you this video and proving that just because someone streams doesn't automatically make them legit.

  3. On console alot of big streamers and clans are cheating and streamers are covering them saying get your settings rite.Piss off.M/K and radar rife on console.Pubg is unplayble now unless you cheat wich i refuse to do.Il stay with a shit KD getting dicked on because i know i am better than them and now hunt them in game via kill feed lol.Pluss had to elvolve my ge to get top 10 lol.Very occasional win lol.Its fucked for ps4 with mainly xbox cheats !!

  4. Bruh why u complaining all famous utubers that played pubg or still playing use these type of hacks this guy is just bad at deception…. shroud, lumi, ect. (Except dr disrespect/ true Pvp player) this y all pc players are trash always trying to hack every game… support console youtubers not these trash players

  5. Try this one fellas…it's what I always utilize to get a lot of ʀᴇsᴏᴜʀᴄᴇs zepisguides

  6. He can't even move properly, He can't make it through a door without hitting the frame. He's only interested in what's in front of him when he sees something on his ESP. Otherwise, he never looks around. And who runs without his weapon 90% of the time across towns or after a fight? Who takes time to warm his hands in a TOP 3 situation lol. So obvious, good job on the video.

  7. The guy at 28:04. No way he see him/her without help.
    Unfortunately I see many streamers that do a lot of looking suspiciously where they shouldn't be at times of the game you would think they would never check their chat.

  8. i think better game does not mean it to be success game, cause more difficult anti cheat more less people stream it or play it ?

  9. I don’t know why this video was on my recommendation but is it normal for people to watch other people play video games? Why would anyone want to watch another person play a game and not just play themselves? Is this some new BS the young kids are doing these days?

  10. This guy is like watching hambinooo. He uses same hack on minimap you can see his eyes always check the minimap everytime.

  11. His first kill at 19.41 ,he approaches the house not knowing if enemy is I side but waits until he has a shot at something .then actually says can this guy speak me with out actually confirming enemy spotted !!!!! He totally new someone was in there .he was even scoping the correct window instead of watching all of them…..cheater 100%

  12. Name me which popular streamer who has not tried it… I can name many who peak in to their third monitor.. he was navi that why he is in spot light.. first cheat get name money then blame others for cheating..

  13. Lol why would you need 200+ 5.56 bullets? Unless you have an m249 maybe, also so boring gameplay the guy loots forever in a very very very very very slow manner…

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