PUBG – Wont Start / Open Fix! 2020 Proof

This is a short tutorial on how to fix the issue when PUBG will not open up. The game may be running in the background but nothing happens/opens up.

If it still doesn’t open then leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.


  1. I dont have commonredit
    My pubg after 2 before update have a same problem and i delete game and install a gain why?

  2. i am using PUBG LITE PC, that like my trouble, game cant star, when i star its running, but it will back to star again. ( with out notification error ) before update at 13 april 2019 it is normal, and i can play. now iam so strees with this error. i cant find solution. i try using garena but it same, when i star the game notification " game aready running "
    please contack me if any body can fix the error.

  3. Mine stops at playerunknowns battlegrounds, it doesnt open the damn lobby so I cant play. It just freezes, I've restarted the lobby, changed settings. It doesnt work. And it doesnt open battle eye launcher, "unable to start BattlEye launcher (0)

  4. Just uninstall C++ 2013, 2015, 2017 and install again by steam location (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonPUBG_CommonRedistvcredist) Done
    msg me (yudiOsta) in case it will not work

  5. I were using pubg mobile on win 10 but it's not working after update from inside the game . The update was on 9/October/2018 . When i open the game it close automatically .

  6. I have a problem with cooked and uncooked
    And it won't open
    Can someone help

  7. Someone help me I'm having the same issue but on Xbox one it refuses to even start it just gets to white bold pubg text and then black screens then crashes back to the home screen

  8. Bruder dein Englisch ist sehr Gut ^^ Habe das Problem trz noch rip

  9. Please help me friend I just installed the game before days I even can't open the game it's stuck on black screen when it's launched pls help me it's my first purchase from steam and sadness 😓

  10. When I hit play, nothing would happen for about 10 seconds and then a crash report popped up. If this happens to you too i might have a fix. I uninstalled steam and reinstalled it, had to reinstall all my games, but it sure did it. Something mustve been wrong with pubg files or steam. Hope this helps someone!

  11. i have tried repairing but nothing is happening. I have tried the DLL files things too. Yet nothing has happened. No afterburner.

  12. Hi, when I press play on PUBG I get error about cooked and no cooked with a file so something missing Gameshader bin file. How to fix this issue? Cant play game at all . thanks

  13. I have had this problem for ages i watch your 1:19 minute long video short simple clear and it fixed my problem i love you dude x

  14. im still with problem, i cant even repair the visual c++ , need some help

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