Pubg Xbox Wall hack / Pubg Xbox Aim Bot /Pubg Xbox Cheats / Anti Recoil (Pubg Xbox One X Gameplay)

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Also comment down below and talk about a moment you’ve had some use the chronus or titan on you!


  1. I’ve only ran into a couple scripted. One had radar, messaged my whole squad asking what are loot was like at hospital. 99.99% I ran into a couple wallers last night in duo. Dude prefired the corner I crouch walked to. He was a solid 40 feet away and outside. Maybe he had some sort of audio que but his buddy did the exact same to my teammate. I don’t like calling hacks when I die cause it gets me tilted and I start to get mad. But that was quite suspect.

  2. You’re saying too much to a point that someone going to buy a titan1 2 or Crounsmax and have no clue how to use it lol noobs

  3. I prefere handling with extreme dificults I have to control aim and other stuff related with pubg, that s the point of enjoy a Game and see my evolution on the Daily basis, slowly but yes, I M trash and what s the problem???? I can t be good in everthing I do in my life

  4. Hahahaha its just a game everybody more than likely you are not getting paid so who GIVES AF. Most of ya’ll camp or suck anyway and have boring day jobs get over it!!!!!

  5. I cant stand cheaters low lifes that need to cheat just to win because there skill is non existent, for cheaters out there fk you

  6. this is horrible, where's the honesty ?
    just think people find ways to cheat in so many ways in life ( CEO's to Politicians) people need to stop, realize you can't win all the time and make peace with it. one word to describe these types COWARDS!!
    such a poisoned mind set, scares me. that we have so many of these types of people around us. this I just a example. some look for ways to cheat, some get jealous and start to cheat, some would cheat if it were easier. but remember that MOST of us play it straight and honest, so keep fighting the honest fight.

  7. yeah this guy is yet to come upon a hacker seems like to me, I've been shot thru hills on Xbox and had someone ride thru a city hitting like 8 guys

  8. there so many hacks like radar which nitrospy was selling for xbox which tells enemies where ur at and where ur hiding. 60 dollars lifetime subscription

  9. I literally sat outside someone's house waiting for him to open a door, I have a headshot with a shotgun 3 feet away and he had no chance, however he opened the door teleported behind me and shot once into the back of my head and executed me….how's that possible. P.s. he shot me once with a vector btw

  10. I don't think you know what your saying the guy with the famas has moderate recoil control f2 has so little recoil

  11. Jeff Kaplan says Blizzard "objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console."

    You know the vice president of Blizzard he must be a regular joe to huh dumbass

  12. Hey bro do you know what script it is? Would you be willing to email me or something? I have one that i downloaded but i dont really like it, not sure if its the same one you're talking about..

  13. Someone told me that you can’t hack Xbox one x so I ran into your video

  14. Dude, this is a shit video, is this a video about the subject or a PC Keyboard vs. Controller expose?

    Shittiest video I've seen concerning GumpG in a while.

  15. WAY TO GO MAN!! wonder how many ass holes are gonna order a cronusmax or T2 now because you just blasted it to them. Already enough pricks doing it.

  16. Confirmed what I thought. They need to find a way to ban the drives from online. They did it for an old chip mod we use to do on og xbox

  17. I call bull on this ive seen hackers on pubg console phasing through a dam tree and said i died from falling educate yourself before making vids

  18. There is usb hacks on Xbox bro, youre crazy, Im #1 in the world on FPP PUBG. hmu, ill prove it. GT:Xanshe

    btw im not a cheater, i can introduce you to some

  19. Yea good vid bro, always hear Random’s getting shitty when they die and call them hackers it’s just funny

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