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  1. this is very late to comment but at 7:50 he looks directly at you, and you are lying man that he did not look at you.

  2. Okay, no.

    It's not our job to do frame-by-frame analysis of gameplay to determine if people are cheating. That's what the report button is for. We are not employed to go after these guys, we gave PUBG our money to play the game.

  3. The dude legit aims at him through the wall for no reason, seems pretty suspicious… 7:51

  4. You quote on the video that there are only a few cheaters… That because you don't play in asian servers…. AS server is filled with it.,

  5. just today reported 2 guys in different matches…
    in the deathcam i could easy see how the first where watching every single sneaking movement of myself 2 floors down through the walls!
    the second did nearly the same, killing some people in a small town, then heading with a buggy direct to my position far away from that, without ever getting any vision on myself,
    facing every again on my exact position behind walls, without having any hint that there could be a player…
    so it is actually still a problem!

  6. Yeah must just be me being a noob huh. That car flying through the air must have just been a trick of my eyes.
    That guy I watched shooting through the ground and instantly headshotting everyone must have been the death cam.

  7. I have played 900 h FFP on EU and, at least since the release of Sanhok, only encountered one single obvious hacker, which I reported and he got banned. Then I played my first TPP games ever just two weeks ago and played about 30 games and guess what, I encountered 6 hackers which equals 20% of my games. I reported all of them and all of them got banned, so imao hackers is a problem in TPP but not so much in FPP for some reason.

    ESP hacking exists but people jump to conclusion way to fast. In fact, the time span that the death cam will show you is NEVER enough to make a good assessment whether a guy is ESP cheating. You need to watch the full replay of that guy for that.

    No-recoil hacks and scripts (big difference) are both literally impossible to detect on the death cam and replay since any controlled spray will look EXACTLY the same. It doesnt matter if its manually controlled, controlled with no recoil scripts for your mouse or hacked, it will look the same. The death cam will even "un-smooth" a no recoil hack, making the crosshair go up and down even if it doesnt move on the hackers screen.

  8. Guy drive bike to top of hill, hops off bike turns shoots me full auto thru tree canopy 750 meters. Def hacking

  9. Its very simple. Look at reddit and forums. People scream hackers all the tine but very few percentage of those claims after never documented.

    People claim cheating all the time without providing proof

  10. Every time i p[lay everyone kills me every time with 2-3 perfect shots, so, everyone is a pro shooter in this game. Nobody misses nothing. And yes, dying behind the wall when you are covered is fun. Game is FULL of cheaters. FULL. At least half of them cheats, because they can, and nothing is being done to stop it. Of course, i stopped playing, because it isn't fun at all.

  11. peak was about 1,5 million bans/month and now only about 500k/month so there is less cheaters, but i quess there is less players too…

  12. Clearly not cheating.  I've only reported obvious cheats.  So far 3 for 3 have been banned.

  13. I think it's fucking hilarious the amount of effort is put into such a broken, piece of shit game that can't even render sound properly let alone game mechanics.

  14. my regular squad has forty plus hackers confirmed between us, in the first two weeks after the big update; biggest cheat seems to be snap to target and no recoil.

  15. If any of you actually expect them to fully deal with modders, you are probably as stupid as hillary fans thinking she'd win the election

  16. I don’t even have headphones on and I heard you stomping towards him before the guy snapped/ pre fired the corner. From his POV.

    You didn’t even peak the corner you just, Hodor’d around it.

  17. Hacking or not, the game's netcode is still wildly horrible, which constitutes a huge problem for the playability and is the difference between winning or loosing WAY to many times.

  18. the old "they're not cheating, they're just good – I can tell because I am good" story. Check your ego

  19. ESP is always the toughest to confirm. Being NA West, I am almost always queued with Chinese players now. Haven't seen a hacker in 6 months. The first 2 days after patch 22 it was much, much worse. Game launch worse. Saw a player jump 20 feet behind a shack when I aimed down sites at him with Kar98. Me and dead teammate spectating me were both stunned. Solo instantaneous squad wipes from several hundred yards, getting shot through buildings, speed hacks. There are a lot of blatant hacks being utilized now that I thought were gone from the game long ago. And if we are going to talk about hacks, how about the audio ads advertising those hacks? Can we find some way to ban those?

  20. These videos are awesome bro. Really good points. Im not even a hi end player but i been accused just for getting the drop on someone. Im not sure how they gauge who is hitting who first and in prime spots. Sometimes its a bit of a crapshoot, but; those headphones matter!

  21. I play in Asia server, the last 7 -10 days was probably the worst I have ever experienced in cheating. 3 days ago, I had a game where my friend was killed by a cheater using an AK47 6x scope 800-900 meters away with 2 shots. So the cheaters killed each other and I barely survived after being naded (he knew where I was). I just chucked all my nades and somehow got him for the win. The last 5 teams in the game. I counted there were at least 3 teams that was cheating, me and my mates usually get a chicken dinner a day, now we can barely win….its just getting ridiculous….

  22. what do u mean still? 90% of ppl are cheating or at least have the 20 euro per month radar cheat that shows u everones location and the gear that u prefer , everyday we find at least 10-20 cheaters and the game start to be unplayable , yes i know we are not pro player nor the best players but everyday with my group we manage to make 2-3 chickens in like 1-4 hours gameplay , this was from yesterday guy with out a sight has a kar with scope x6 and decided to swap it to akm from 200-300meters away and doesnt even scope just shoots in front of him and gets headshots 😛 today logged with a friend , a guy killed 10 ppl in the plane with punches before we could get out of the plane , and we have hundreds of this cheating 100% videos , its a hack fest at least in europe things look bad for pubg almost everyone is using cheats , and thats the main reason this game is slowly dying , too bad …

  23. this game is dead. blackout will kill it properly in the next week when it launches. After the blackout beta and 1500 hours in pubg i CAN'T WAIT to never play pugb again

  24. So, tbh. It COULD be that this guy wasn't cheating. But by evaluating what is more likely, I would still say there is a huge likeliness that this guy is simply cheating. There are even smart cheats that use an on off trigger to prevent consistency in their usage.. So, I will still report fishy behavior.If I am wrong in some cases I assume nothing happens… but unfortunately I have been right in many of my reports in the past.

  25. I just got banned on my main account, but I had this girl Klara over and i let her play on my account and i'm fairly sure she's the one that cheated. How do i go about getting unbanned?

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