Quickest Way To Start An Invite Only Session In GTA V Online

How To Get In To Your Own Empty Public Session In GTA 5 –

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Welcome to this GTA 5 series, where I will be uploading funny and/or entertaining moments and skits which have been saved on my PS4 for up to about half a year, including races, adversary modes, LTS’, freemode events and more. #118.

Feedback from viewers would be much appreciated, so that I…


  1. Can't click on ''Creator'' 🙁
    It might have to do with the fact that I literally started playing online like an hour ago

  2. 10 out of 10 nice vid man IT hjelped me alot because i forgot HOW to. BTW YouTube spelle everything i write wrong autocorrect

  3. 3 fuckin mins for a video titled the quickest way to do something. What the hell is this, 2007 when everyone has WD caviar black drives?

  4. Damn I have been doing the first option since the release of gta online. Thnx dude I knew there was a faster way then loading story and going to invite only session from there.

  5. fuckin' hell why's it taking so long?
    I love your channel already

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