Random teammates accuse me of cheating again.. | PUBG Mobile

Random teammates accuse me of cheating again.. | PUBG Mobile

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Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Screen Recorder: iOS Screen Recorder



  1. Nooob people run behind the most subscribed channel not behind humble n beast skill player like biubiu coz he has low subs

  2. Wow the guy who didnt switch cars made the safe choice, avoided ambush.

  3. Lmao
    Play good you're called a hacker
    Play bad you're called a noob
    There's just no pleasing anyone in this game rip

  4. Kids this is why you don’t play squad they steal your kills and throw Molotov at you and Grenads and cause you of cheating just play with your friends you know ZD

  5. biu please another handcam video with your new settings!! and gyro settings! I just started gyro because of the lockdown, and its really tough sometimes even though its so convenient. also just because im a guy you wont play with me! what is this biu biu!

  6. In which device do you play? & Which app you use for recording. Very very smooth gameplay & recording.

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