Random teammates seriously think I'm cheating..|PUBG Mobile

Random teammates seriously think I’m cheating..|PUBG Mobile

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Device: iPhone 8+
Screen Recorder: iOS Screen Recorder



  1. No 3 and maybe new player causw dont know cheater n real so funny.. That was skill from biu biu bro 😂

  2. Biu biu, you ever see RUPPO playing PUBG?? what do you thing about RUPPO,?? Did he CHEATER or Not ??

  3. ေစာက္ပိန္း ေတြ
    Hacker မွန္းမသိ pro မွန္းမသိ
    ပတ္ေျပးတယ္က လုပ္ေသးတယ္ မေအလိုးက အရင္ေသၿပီး

  4. I hope one day we will be playing together I have send you friend request my name is CVTonsing please accept my friend request… Best of luck team secret

  5. Anyway… If they are not talking with the teamates, why the pok dint they turn off thier noisy mic.

  6. Myat Phyo..I think he from Myanmar…Myanmar play like a bot and Always camper.:v

  7. people should be aware of way of hacks, because nowadays handcame isn't enough to proof that the player is clean, he can creat a guest account on another device (most likely a computer) use the wall hack on it, then spectate to the account where he plays so he can see the enemies on the screen of computer without any risk of getting banned

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