Rank 1 Player Reacts To Hack Accusation – ShivFPS Apex Legends Highlights

Rank 1 Player Reacts To Hack Accusation – ShivFPS Apex Legends Highlights

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  2. I just watched this guy on stream for a few minutes when I seen a unbelievable flick shot he did with the Peacemaker. I then want back and watch it on his past broadcasts. I slowed it down and it even looked more suspicious. I think this guy is probably a want to be Shroud and just like him he is will to do what it takes to get him there. It's to bad hacking isn't illegal and people make millions off it, for people who don't understand. Also after listening to this guy in this video I call tell by his voice that he is the type of person who would be a cheater. Also where the f is the video he was watching? I want to see it myself also and without his "webcam screen" in the way. Image you buy some private hacks and boom you now are making a living on Twitch and it's totally legal. Then he says his hand movements on his cam are out of sync, lul.

  3. The same guys who said a month back that he isn't that good. This brother has 2.1k RP on PC now and one of the most entertaining apex streamer period. Lmao. It's okay you guys can rest.

  4. Look carefully at 7:24, the first guy he shoot is ok, but the second he's aim is snapping 1.5 seconds before he even move he's hands, blatant cheater.

  5. What I didnt like about this is this guy isnt even smart enough to realise that a couple of the comments he was talking shit about were defending him..

  6. I know it was not hack but the way you react .. am supposing u were hacking

  7. This dude isn't even that good (mainly cause of his awful aim)
    There are a lot better pros
    Mendo, Dizzy, Diego, etc.

  8. Shiv always had good aim man, h1, fortnite, realm royale, csgo every game he has played that needs aim he has been nuts

  9. Reddit is the most stupid unoriginal place of all time, feels like every single person there is slighy below world average in IQ.
    Yet they are delusional and think they somekind of master race.

  10. Holy fucking mouth breather, use your nose. That’s what it’s for.

  11. "how do you only get a p2020 and a mozambique" i kinda felt attacked by that statement, my luck w RnG is so bad

  12. who ever thinks hes aimbotting is dumb they cut off the clip need to show more at begining

  13. If this guy gets brain damage from Reddit, he must be browsing that shit 24/7, because he sounds like a moron. I don’t care if he is a good player or not, he is a class A douchebag

  14. For what I can see and think, It does not snap because he has snap only on aim (right click), not on hip fire(left click). He target the nearest enemy once he aimed. it would be interesting to see all the game and not only that clip.

  15. Haha that first clip is hilarious cause he looks a little like a noob for just a couple seconds and that’s the video they try to expose him on πŸ˜‚

  16. Dude this guy isnt hacking but plzz people who grind a lot doesnt mean they are the best there are more player better than them
    For example diegosaurs is called the best player of apex as he grinds a lot but dizzy is the best player of apex as he not plays that much but he plays better than diego i am not saying that diego is noob but he is the best yet he is above average like he has 8 k/d ratio and i have 6 k/d ratio so k/d doesnt matter your aim matter diego is a good player but not the best

  17. These bots get completely destroyed and humiliated by someone who is 1000x better than them so they go spec mode expecting any slightly suspectful action from you . Lol, it's laughable

  18. Reddit idiots so bad they see bad aim and accuse of cheating. I swear reddit is 90% almost middle aged parents that struggle with the first 5 seconds of Tetris.

  19. Every one on reddit: He has Aimbot
    Him: missing half a clip of wingman with lvl 3 extended mag

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