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  1. as a crypto one trick, thank you for realizing he needs a good team.
    everybody and their mom calls him some op meta character, especially with bloodhound in the game that takes significantly less skill.

  2. Personally octane is the living definition of wasted potential because he can be played a higher level but Respawn is too obsessed with data still thinking he is a decent legend when on the other hand he is still lacking team viability in a TEAM BASED GAME. Overall all they need to do is to give octane players the ability to stim teammates aura style that would make octane way better

  3. Why is loba d 😤 you make no sence 😤 i mean i dont really care but im still mad shes d 😭

    Edit how is octane higher now im over lvl 9000 🥴🥴🥴

    Edit Wattson is higher 🥴🤪😭😤 at this point am dead

  4. I’d put bloodhound at S because he’s extremely useful for the team and himself since he can be a speedster with his ult. Octane should be A because of his buffed Passive from .5 hp regen to 1. You can legit stim once every 2 seconds and you would still have full health. I think that Mirage outranks Crypto and Watson just enough to be a B tier as well. You’ve probably gone up against pretty crappy Mirage mains because his decoy escape is used mostly for aggressive pushes, which the Mirage’a I’ve seen you fight never do. They only use it to run away which will never work.

  5. I agree with everything but bloodhound I think they should be in the S group. Just because his ult can literally last forever of you knock a bunch of people in one area. And his scan is completely op lol

  6. Bangalore is one of the 2 legends where her skill level reflects the skill level of the player in control, like shiv as bang is insane but me as bang im terrible lmao

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