Ranking Every Legend In Apex Legends Season 4 From WORST To BEST! (Competitive Tier List)

Who are the BEST and WORST Legends in Apex Legends? Welp, things have changed A lot in Season 4! Need help finding your main, or winning more games? Wondering if Revenant breaks into the Top 3…or even 10? All your answers are in this video! Ranking and Explaining Every Legend’s Competitive Value and overall ability to WIN vs. Every other Legend, and putting them in a simple Tier List for everyone to follow for Season 4! What’s YOUR tier list? Comment below! LIKE for more videos like this!…


  1. It so ridiculous that the free legends are more competitive from the bought ones…

    Nicely done Apex, I really appreciate you are not pay to win👍

  2. I personally feel the Bloodhound is a bit better in the right hands he has endless potential but yeah pathfinder is the best for the grappling hook now Loba and the theif bracelet is a game changer especially with a buff

  3. Randay: the best legend is pathfinder

    me: I just picked him because he has a smiley face on his chest and then mained him

  4. My ranking are
    1. Lifeline
    2. Wraith
    3. Bloodhound
    4. Gibraltar
    5. Crypto
    6. Mirage
    7. Revenant
    8. Bangalore
    9. Pathfinder
    10. Watson
    11. Caustic
    12. Octane
    Those are my opinion 🤔

  5. Good list! I think Bloodhound is top 5 probably over Wattson but I get it

  6. I think wraith and pathfinder should have swapped places on this list. I agree with everything else though really good list for all beginners.

  7. Would love to see an update of this. Bangalore shouldn't be this low regardless. She wasn't worst than mirage at the time this was made

  8. Revenant is after the Buff in my Top 3. Actually he is my main now and is the Wraith and Pathfinder Destroyer we all dreamed off.
    and actually he is a Pretty good Gibraltar Conter too

  9. Who remembers when this game was so hype then everyone realized it sucks and now its irrelevant. Modern Warfare absolutely destroys this fugasi game.

  10. I feel like Octane’s passive healing should push him higher up the list.

  11. Was wondering if the legend I was rocking hard was gonna be on the list. Seriously shocked to see my main Pathfinder be the top dog. Wraith is also fun to play and I can't wait to give the newer legends a try

  12. Crypto may be good, even awesome, in a preset squad that comunicates and works hand in hand. In a public match with randoms, he is and can't be used to his full potential most of the time. Many crypto players completely abandon their squad to fly around their drone at the edge of the map for no further reason and then watch their squadmates getting 2v3ed and die from a distance without ever intervening in a helpfull manner, keeping the drone in scanner range to enemys or even using their drone to at least recover their banners. I barely ever had a crypto squadmate who wasn't acting as a living disadvantage to his own squad.

    Playing crypto effectivly in pubs is difficult on the other hand, because many squadmates tend to run off in random directions without any communication, leaving you miles behind and defenseless when you're in drone mode even for a few seconds.

  13. A sick ultimate for Bangalore instead of her grenade would be like lifelines main ability where it calls in a drop or drops a kit, and in it, you get a gold weapon and a stack of each type of ammo.

  14. Buff for revant: when he throws his tactical it shows where the person is for 20 seconds if it hits

  15. For me:
    1.Octane (most underrated Legend)
    12.Wraith (most overrated Legend)
    Fight me come on!

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