Ranking the Best APEX LEGENDS Players in the World

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  1. I would like to win the ps4 so I can play ps4 with my younger brothers and my dad on fortnite or apex legends and apex legends. My Twitter is @nova1154. This is the 32 time this month I commented for the ps4. Hopefully I can win it

  2. I wanted to play games i am a IT student and i cant afford it and my country doesnt give international transaction

  3. I want to win the ps4 because I can’t afford membership on Xbox that much and all of my friends are on ps4!!!👍🏻

  4. u should check Mendokusaii this gys skill lvl same as diagosores and dizzy

  5. I really really want a ps4 console because I’ve never had a newer console and I would really love to play with my friends because most of them have ps4 @Ericlashley14 is my Twitter

  6. I want to win the ps4. We can't afford a console and I really want to try some fortnite and play with my bro I'd love a ps4. My twitter is @JohnRamir2

  7. I want the ps4 i don’t have a system so I am embarrassed at school because everyone has one and I don’t I don’t have twitter but my Snapchat is teamrussig

  8. Hey chaos i would love a ps4 because im really excited about all the new games coming. TWITTER @VGMogul

  9. I want to win cause i dont have ps4 ant realy want to play with my friends please my twitter is @AfgPyro

  10. I’m not being a hater, but I would switch Dizzy and Shroud. You may disagree, but I think Shroud has a bit of an edge

  11. i agree just watched another guy who said ninja was the best apex player witch made me a bit sucidal

  12. I want to win the ps4 plaese because I've always wanted it for 4 years my mom can not afford it please @rgaming_x

  13. I'm kinda new into gaming with mobile integrated battle royale games. Winning the PS4 console will be a new level of gaming experience for me. GAME ON! 😉
    » t → @davecolinz «

  14. Hey, I want to win the ps4 so I can get back into gaming on a more up to date console.  It would be nice to get back to gaming with my friends from school.  My Twitter is @JDirt97

  15. Hello. I really think I should win the PS4.I have never won anything in My life and I think this is my time. And the fact that I desperately want one because I got a ps3 🙁


  16. I could win the ps4 although i have one but it's old however there are people who can't afford a PS4 😢.
    My Twitter is @BasilisMandala1

  17. I want the ps4! I'll never have one unless I win it. I have a 6 year old xbox one that sounds like a jet engine and turns itself off. @patsvolzfan

  18. Guys please watch Nate Gibson he literally has the best of aim ever, come back and tell me what you think

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