RC Bandito review! – GTA Online guides

In this video I take a look at the RC Bandito a radio controlled car added as part of the Arena war DLC in GTA Online and see if it’s any good or not!

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  1. This man just has a stockpile of gold Elegy Retro customs.

    I am suspicious he does glitches.

  2. The logic of these guides:
    Mk2 “It isn’t that overpowered, I don’t think it will break freemode”
    Tiny RC car that can jump:”OMG what were you thinking rockstar it’s so overpowered”

  3. And rpgs are the strongest rockets you can carry in hand so what about homing which is weaker

  4. And amazing detonate key at pc. You can't see shit beacuse radio menu pops up.

  5. Can someone please guide me how to do duplicate car gleich 😭?

  6. How the hell is a glorified toy truck better than a tanker about 10x it’s size with two flamethrowers and a scoop?

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