REAP VS MAGG Rematch l GTA 5 Online Crew Battle l Xbox One

Reapers of Lyfe vs xMarley Gang l in a crew battle. Who will come out victorious & who will R.I.P? Watch now to see!

Music by: Dizzy Wright – Fuck your opinon

Social Club: (REAP)


  1. I’ve never seen anyone from magg but three reap members tried jumping me and my friend and it backfired on them 😂

  2. 2:40 notice all those bullet holes it’s called corner shooting there’s no skill in that hop on ps4 and play with people that are actually good

  3. the only thing I see is cornershots and camping .. and that should be rng? that is play like a Noob

  4. auto aim randoms stop tryna be a free aimer f ya auto aimers free aim on top randoms

  5. Lol ain't tryna hate but u was fucking that wall like u loved it corner shooting like hell damn bruh like shit u play like a bitch I mean damn

  6. Hey what's up chat my name is KiDxextreme and on my channel I do GTA5 vids and already have 14 SUBS. Just started 2 days ago and still looking for subs. I have 3 vids on my channel you guys can like comment and even subscribe!! More vids coming soon.

  7. Would you like to receive the code for a shark card worth $8.000.000.- in Gta5 online?
    (Megalodon shark card)
    First of all, i'm the proud leader of a Gta5 online community called 'Ceo Friendly Trusted'. We can offer you almost 100% safety in our public sessions. In our lobbys you can do ceo, mc and gunrunning business without being bothered by trolls/griefers. We just vote to kick everyone who does not show our 'CEWL' crew tag. Sometimes innocent players get placed into a 'bad sport' session when we kicked them but sacrificies have to be made to ensure the safety of my crew & community.

    That being said, sometimes we see that griefers/trolls are able to keep entering our sessions and destroy shipments. It's very important for us to know how this is possible so we can do something about it. That's why we are willing to reward anyone who can proof they can enter our sessions and misbehave after they are banned from the crew and community. It's like a company hiring hackers to test their security.

    So if you can proof that ur able to join our sessions after ur banned you will receive the Megoladon shark card code after you told us how you managed to keep entering our sessions. There is 1 additional challenge you can do to earn a smaller shark card. Me and my moderators hired bodyguards,(expert pilots), so we are protected against any hostile players. We would like to test their skills. If you are able to kill me or my moderators 25 times in total you will receive a shark card worth $1.250.000.- after you have send me videos or screenshots as proof.

    Would you like to take on the challenges? You will first have to go through our official application process. It's very important that you know all the rules and requirements becouse there is a quiz-like test you have to pass in order to get a crew invite. The application process takes place on our Reddit page:

    I hope to see you there and help to make my community even safer! (My PSN: Raadoooo1989)

    PS: We are currently at war with a simular community called 'Ceo Friendly Sessions'. They are even explaining how to attack my community on their Reddit page. It's rediculous. Don't believe anything you hear from them. This is their page:

  8. Yea we've seen these dumn wannabe gangsta crews before. You ain't nothing compared to us. We eat you for breakfast and dump you in the toilet after dinner. Right before the flush we make you watch how yo momma wipes our butts. I speak for my entire crew when I say: Stay away from us!!!

    We are the 'CEO Friendly Trustd' crew. This is our crew tag: CEWL. Our Ps4 community is called 'CEO Friendly Trusted'. We have more than 2.000 members spread over 3 different crews. 'CEO Friendly Trustd' + CEO Friendly Trustd2 + CEO Friendly Trustd3. How many members you got? Well!? That's right..

    The reason why we're mad is becouse we are actually a very friendly crew that occupies public sessions so we can do CEO work in peace without being shot and our stuff to be destroyed. You guys came in our sessions with ur dumb crew tag and started killing and destroying without our permission. Big mistake.

    If you feel like resolving our conflict you can apologise to our community and crew main moderators: Raadoooo1989 and Dange616. Those are their PSN. They have a huge amount of bodyguards arround them at all times so don't even think about it..

    We actually have our own website. Do you? Didn't think so.

  9. now I know why it's just assault rifles. cuz if rpgs were in there you wouldn't be able to camp behind a dumpster or wall the hole time. 👎 #dislike

  10. bunch of rollie pollies, you rolling when there's no one even near you 😂 crew full of rollers

  11. Corner shooting lol… if you do that to me Im just gonna bomb you immediately

  12. Forget ARs I'll slap you with an RPG as soon as you get a kill off me playing dirty like that

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