Redmi note 7 vs Redmi note 7 pro Speed Test and Pubg

The Redmi Note 7 Pro has a super fast Snapdragon 675 processor. How much faster is it compared to it’s little brother the Redmi Note 7? In this comparison were going to find out which one is much faster in launching apps and playing pubg.

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  1. Wtf the redmi note 7 is better than redmi note 7 pro
    Who is buying this just go with redmi note 7 this is beast

  2. Is this correct ? Redmi Note 7 Snapdragon 660 Adreno 512 850mhz 29.8 GB/s 14nm , Redmi Note 7 Pro Snapdragon 675 Adreno 612 845mhz 14.9 GB/s 11nm

  3. My Redmi Note 7 does not accept graphics in HDR, nor the cup of frames in Extreme. Does that seem incredible or is it false? Because not even my Galaxy S9 + accepts those settings in PUBG.

  4. can you pls send me that note 7 pro at your turn, just wanna play some pubg, really missed the squad cuz of my s7 edge cracked screen and now is my motherboard, feels bad man

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