Remember… smile at the other cops. GTA Vice City Story Walkthrough #2

Hey there officer. Nice badge, nice badge… Cop Land! GTA VC Story Walkthrough Part 2! Join our Discord server ► and Subscribe my channel for more, friends 🙂

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  1. Hmmmmmmm, nice streammmm.
    I never knew how great GTA Vice City is because of Jizzy. I stayed up all night to watch the entire stream. This was epic, failing the missions a lot of time wasnt a problem, it just makes the stream better. I loved it. Subscribe to Jizzy!!!

  2. I watch you every day so when i get gta san andreas i can investigate like you. 😀 😛 : )
    Edit:Thank you so much!It was my dream to get a heart on the comment from you,Lots o love from me.

  3. I remember a year ago, I was coming here and write that with the thousands of your subscribers you are still putting a heart on the comments, till now you are still doing the same thing and that lovely!

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