Returning To Ranked Grind – You Requested This… (Apex Legends)

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  1. Why are PC players toxic when it comes to having a console player tag along in PC servers. Like if you dont know PC players they dont even give you a chance.

  2. I would prefer ranked/pubs… don’t really care for winter express much

  3. Hell yeah Kobi make what you want to make I enjoy all the content and RuneScape is a classic. Miss those days

  4. PICK UP THE KNOCKDOWN SHIELD GODDAMMMM. pwease i beg pick up the knockdown shield, really stressed over here 🙁

  5. Man I’ve been subscribed for a long time. I enjoy anything and everything you post. You need to do what you think is best for your channel

  6. worry about yourself first kobi! You and ur fam comes first! Hope everything is good

  7. First of all, I hope you get better and..get well ❤️.
    I don’t know if you have done it already but what do you feel about playing with your subscribers, winter express, pubs, ranked?

  8. Kobi my friend I love your content. Personal health has to come first though my friend. You have to be around to create content, I know this is your job and it’s tough to miss a few days but I know your fans will support you man. Keep vibing bro and feel better

  9. I didnt know you made rs content. I have played that since 6th grade…(2004) im about to be 28. Lol memories

  10. I would have to honestly say I enjoy watching all of my favorite content creators play ranked. I feel like it helps me improve more. Also, I’d like for you to play with staycation and ragtagg!!

  11. Tbh I like would like seeing ranked or maybe tips in ranked something like that, you don't do a lot of tips but you play so well so I try to analyze what you do to, BTW hope your doing good brother keep your head up

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