Roblox Has A HACKER PROBLEM – FIX IT NOW or I will Go BACK to Fortnite!

If Roblox does not fix this hacker issue, I will be going RIGHT BACK TO FORTNITE!

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  1. It’s not you because I was playing jailbreak with my friend and it was an invisible person arresting everyone and teleporting

  2. And it made me get flung to its annoying thats why i quit roblox i play gta now

  3. Leave it bc i got hacked i got 2 step and it kicked me out my account then it deleted my clothes

  4. I saw peope, that wernt in a game and they said like “OH COME GET FREE CATALOG AND FREE ROBUX” shut up bitches i want nothing

  5. Im sorry but when you say hackers I starteed laughing and almost chocked 😂. Eo they have the user by bun bun/ Cause if so its the bun bun hackers. They gonna be gon after christmas. GOD I HATE THEM. I JUST WANT TO CUSS THERE LITTLE ASSES OUT. Sorry.

  6. KAMERON its not fair bc when you start your livestream, its 1 am in london
    so i cant join

  7. These hackers man 🤦🏻‍♀️ shame on them. You can’t even play the game. Roblox needs to fix that frfr.

    Btw, the description tho 🤣

  8. Ok I’m pretty sure some of those were not “hacks” but those were something called scripting with is similar but not the same. But in the most part they were hacking.

  9. At the last hack when he said look this clown is walking me to the back I was dyinggggggg😭😭

  10. Bruh that pink purple cool aid watermelon football hairline was walking you to the back LOL 4:10 but Kam, agreed

  11. Kamreo it's hacker hacking Roblox there name are bun in girls they hack every game

  12. if they don't
    all he will have to play is among us and fornite
    which get boring after just 30min so no more long lives guys:(

  13. Bro I had this same issue I got banned by a hacker and I had to make a new account which is now sonic_say.

  14. Will Powering Imagination aka Roblox Corp. Actually see this video??? I wonder if Roblox has an Instagram🤔🤔 Now I’m curious so I’m gonna see if Roblox actually has an Instagram. And if they’re verified on insta then Ik I found them and ima share this video with them. But if I were them I’d get to fixing this situation immediately cuz they only have a week to do it. Well what do you know Roblox actually has an Instagram and they’re verified so its real. If you want to find it all you have to search up is Roblox😂well ima go ahead and share this video with them cuz I’m pretty sure they’d rather have this video instead of Kam going up there😂 Ayways I love you always and forever and I will see you later!!!!! – Sniperfaze🥰♥️♥️💕💕

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