Samsung Galaxy A10 Gaming Review, PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 8 Performance, Graphics – Disappointing!

The Samsung Galaxy A10 comes with the mid-range processor and while it did match the Realme 3 with the graphics setting possible, it didn’t go that close when it comes to the gaming performance. Check out the gaming review of the phone with the two most popular games, the PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 8.


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  1. F you for 120$ is perfect.And you say this is disappointing there are phones with 300$ and have worse quality and graphics you just suck at games and blame the lag

  2. Thanks for the video.But your judgements are not good man.This phone is just 120 Dollars and it's too good for that price.You don't have to expect much from it.That phone is awesome for that cost

  3. U changed the graphics without restarting it lol… u have to restart it … and I am a a10 user I dont experience any frame drop or lag … while playing in smooth graphics .. lol… your judgements are just junk….fake .. judgement …

  4. Not bad for such a cheap phone, yes you can buy an iPhone 6s for same price that will perform better but really ask yourself this, in 2019 can you really live with a phone with a 4.7 inch display? Seriously iPhones feel like antiques from another decade in comparison to Samsung Huawei Xiaomi etc

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