SBMX Profile: m0matt_x (PS4 GTA 5 Stunts)

m0matt_x, an SBMX commissioner and prolific creator in his first montage.

Edited by chinese_medicine (@da_real_chinese)

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No mods or cheats were used, all recorded on PS4 with the standard controller.

Rider’s channel:

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The song used in the video was provided by NCS (No Copyright Sounds):…


  1. Dear shred bmx, I have been a fan for a long time. I'm not the best at bmx but I'm trying to get better and I'd love to join. I am right now going to your crew on rockstar to ask to join. Please consider my request. Thank you.

  2. Hi , if you're reading this , I wanted you to know you're one of my favorite BMX stunters.

  3. Sick tricks bro ! I just started never knew there were guys so sick with bmx on GTA !

  4. Awesome video! I just have 1 question! How can I join Shred as an official member? (BTW I'm on PS4) Do I have to do like a rc or sth like that?

  5. amazing video! loved the stunts and the music. BMX stunts are so creative and this is one of the best videos i've ever seen. i try to base my motorcycle stunts and videos around things like this.

  6. Momatt makes me look bad lets boycott this video lmao great vid awesome rail xfers

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