Season 4 Pathfinder Grapple Guide – Best Method After Nerf! + New Tricks! – Apex Legends

This is the best Apex Legends season 4 Pathfinder Grapple Guide. Download Playvig here and earn rewards playing Apex Legends:

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The last Grapple Slingshot Tutorial you’ll need

Apex Legends – How to…


  1. Oh and you thought THIS nerf was bad…. yeah season 5 is gonna be a bullet through the chest if you think this nerf was bad πŸ™


  2. I just wanna know how to maximize height and distance using grapple on flat ground. I honestly don’t need all that other non sense.

  3. terrible video, waited half way through only to say nothin has changes, just longer to connect. took so long to get the info needed

  4. hi people in the comment section i just want to tell you that i love using gibraltar and pathfinder and lifeline and wraith they are my favorite oh also bangalore.

  5. I used to play as wraith but my main squad now I have a really good teammate as wraith so I use path now and this video really helped

  6. season 4? season 4 released in 2020 this video is from october 2019 was it a mistake or?

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