SEASON 4 SNIPE SQUAD!!! Ft. Zeus and BacKoFFmyJanKz (Apex Legends)

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  1. The one thing I do have to say is the Triple Take is a decent sniper but the damage is rlly inconsistent. One moment you hit for 40, next shot it's only for 14. Of course there is the precision choke, but I kinda feel like the Triple Take is more of a close range sniper.

  2. Snipe squad! picks up triple take and R-99 and fries with R-99 for first 3 minutes

    Still love the video πŸ™‚

  3. The way he slides gives me such anxiety.its a weird jerky motion that makes me uncomfortable for some reason

  4. Hey chicken love your work dude but I have a question. I’m a Xbox player on apex my kd has been a consistent 2.3 since season one. What is average and above average in your opinion?

  5. Boi I'm back loving chickens that I loved all my life

    πŸ‘like if you agree

    PS I don't why I wrote this
    I'm just bored and this video
    Chid me up πŸ˜€

  6. Mirage dying over and over and over….. Your a cruel man. But very funny. I like your style.

  7. Me and my friends we like to do grenades and hands only πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. idk how you can do finishers, i do them and i get beaten by 3 other squads πŸ™

  9. Hey I have a challenge that I think will be fun for Content Creators, I'm calling it The Kamikaze Challenge. Your team must have 1 Revenant, the goal is to get as many suicide kills (using nades) as possible. Yup that means you have to die with your victims, but then you have a totem right 😈 lol.

    Thumbs this up if you want to see the video guys, and hey anybody can try it's all about having fun.

  10. I'm always running long range, I miss the Longbow meta.. I'm about to bring it back 😒

  11. My son and I love doing snipe squad. And everytime either one of us uses a finisher my son always yells "for chicken!!!!" Lol

  12. We had a funny game all we could find were snipers and by the time we found a different gun we decided to stick with snipers

  13. Some how Im getting frustrated from Chicken's videos . I just getting that i have no friends to play with… So its just sweat bath for me, makes the game less enjoyable.

    Last time I heard it was when I was watching powerpuff girls or reading a diary of a wimpy kid novel

  15. Just land Skyhook snipers Canyon the whole Squad will be geared up with snipers and you can rotate through Skyhook for purple

  16. I do indeed have a "Snipe Squad Adventure Story" to tell, so it was back in season 2 I believe. King Cayons days πŸ˜ͺ… Anyways, My two cousins and I decided to use all Snipers, I believe one of my cousins used the Triple Take and my other cousin used the Longbow. I had the G7 Scout but later in that game I decided to move onto the Kraber. So we were rotating into the circle and as we were doing that we spotted some peeps in the distance. We were hitting those Headshots and the only thing we seen was yellow numbers (Headshots). Game continues and they are 3 squads left… one full squad, the other solo, and us. We took out the full squad, now it's just the solo. I had 5 bullets into my Kraber. My cousin was Octane so he put down his Jump Pad and said "we need to do a trick shot on this person" He also mentioned "A 360 no scope". I laughed and said "Deal", so he went and he couldn't do it, my other cousin was getting sprayed by the solo and he couldn't do it as well. I said "my turn", I've had tried about 4 times, I had 1 bullet left inside the mag. I tried one last time……… I jumped on the pad… everything was like slow motion, and I pictured a red box on his head. I soon pulled the trigger. The best moment of my life, it was moment I would have never forgotten. I've got him, right in the head. As I read the big letters on my screen. "YOU ARE THE CHAMPION". And that's my story….

  17. Been watching Jankz for a while now. Fun to watch things from your perspective now. Yall work so great together!

  18. I know this doesn't have anything to do with the video but when I shoot any single fire or burst gun in Apex Legends also the gun just stops firing even though im pressing the trigger after one or two burst/shots can someone help me fix this issue

  19. Well not a snipe squad I remember doing armed and dangerous mode without the mode, (meaning that my squad was the only team bound to these rules) and it was a blast and you guys should try it out, I think you will have a great time

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