SECRET AGENT PEELY'S SPY LICENSE QUEST – How To Unlock The FREE Banana Badge Emoticon!

There’s a new secret quest added to Fortnite with the unlocking of Midas’ room. You have to do three things. I show you how to do all of them!

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  1. This is a pretty neat little side quest. Don't forget to use my support-a-creator code, which is: "tabortime". Here are some recent uploads of mine you may not have been notified of:

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    ★ Midas’ Golden Llama Location:

  2. The doomsday hats is going to open one of the doomsday event is over and it’s going to be a part of the map so you can be in my this room and steal mine is guns

  3. I just searched all the agent rooms for secrets in them, and it turns out that there is something secret in all of them. In Skye’s room, there is a board game that moves by itself if you click it, and in TnTina’s room, there is something in the back that I don’t know what it’s called, and if you click on it three times, it will eventually explode from overheating, and then, the fridge will open and the peely smoothie from season 9 will poke out of it for a few seconds and then close the fridge.

  4. Can You Pls Add Me Cus I Can't Add You My Name For PSN Is Jazayne Donovan With The Rex Avatar.

  5. Hey our game updated and I think it accidentally leaked to us what the next season of fortnite is going to look like. I can send you the pic

  6. Was there a secret reward when you play the phonograph in crackshots cabin that no body figured out cause he popped in the window when you play it too during the Christmas event

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