Secret Season 10 Week 8 Battle Star Location Guide – Fortnite Battle Royale

Secret Season 10 Week 8 Battle Star Location Guide – Fortnite Battle Royale

The Season 10 Week 8 Secret The Return Battle Star can be found near the 3 lakes in one of the old geyser pools.

To actually get the Battle Star to appear though, you need to complete any 3 of the limited time missions in the “Gothic” challenges.

Once you’ve completed any 3 of the 7 challenges in the Gothic Limited Time Missions, this Secret Battle Star can be collected. It will reward you with a Battle Star (one…


  1. Your seriously the best guy at these I'm teiring up so fast atm thanks so much ma dude👍

  2. Wbruh you are the best I watched lots of uoutubers and they told me the fake locations but u did the real one thank u

  3. I have done the challenges why am I not getting the loading screen

  4. I have a question @HarryNinetyFour , will all the previous weeks battle stars be available & Guys lets get harry to 1mil !

  5. Ohh I didn't know this season had secret star!, Then I missed like 7 of them 🙁

  6. Hello Harry,

    So i have been playing fortnite not for like 2 weeks because holiday and im not sure where the secret battle stars of all weeks are. It would really be cool if you do a video of all of Them when the season is about to end

  7. Anybody wanna help me get a victory royale? I have yet to obtain the season x umbrella.
    Username: Pumpkin Reaper
    Platform: Nintendo Switch

  8. Harry, i need your help. For the challenge "dance in front of a bat statue in a way above ground pool and on a set of four giants" there is no more floating island. Is it even possible to do it?

  9. Off topic but does the backbling talks random or just when u emote?

  10. Why didnt the star pop up? I've finished 3 challenges to get the loading screen and have gone to this spot twice

  11. Started a new acc for my brother and some of the secret stars dont pop is it because i havent done the prestige?

  12. Thanks for helping me find the battle star, straight to the point and no commentary
    I also use your Support-A-Creator code

  13. Dude your literally a god, everyone week i come to you to get the battle star :). Ive always been subbed AND EVERYONE WHOS SEES THIS SUB AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS PLEASE FOR THIS DUDE

  14. Guys,can i still get the origin style of ultima knight after the battlepass ends?? plss helpp

  15. I have max battle pass if I collect it how much xp will I earn?

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