Secret Season 10 Week 9 Battle Star Location Guide – Fortnite Battle Royale

Secret Season 10 Week 9 Battle Star Location Guide – Fortnite Battle Royale

The Season 10 Week 9 Secret The Return Battle Star can be found on top of the Tomato Head temple.

To actually get the Battle Star to appear though, you need to complete any 3 of the limited time missions in the “Ready or Not” challenges.

Once you’ve completed any 3 of the 7 challenges in the Ready or Not Limited Time Missions, this Secret Battle Star can be collected. It will reward you with a Battle Star (one…


  1. Harryninetyfour is the best Fortnite YouTuber, I also made a YouTube channel uploading the weekly challenges…come check it out

  2. I love how these other Youtubers started copying Harry but still talk in their videos but it doesn’t matter still gonna keep picking Harry over the others

  3. Rip i wont be becoming tier 100 anymore bcuz i was so bored of Fortnite and stopped playing it Some days ago i completed all the challenges with a friend bcuz we wanted to become tier 100 and after all those challenges im tier 83 and i thought i would get the battle stars but i did’nt know these were for limited time challenges r.i.p

  4. There's a battle star North of the volcano, (in one of those geysers) idk what is it i just found it randomly

  5. Thanks for what you do man , you helped me complete challenges and you dont stretch your videos to be 10 minutes (I think you post videos not for the money but for the nice comments saying thanks

  6. Harry94 you all ways go straight to the point with no bullshit giveaway shit at the beginning of the video (sorry for the cussing)

  7. I think the secret battle stars are broken right now, because I have completed both weeks 4 and 5 (along with all prestiege missions) and I will go to the battle star locations and still can get them. I havent collected them yet either.

  8. I love watching your videos.
    I love how your not gatto or inthelittlewood

  9. Thank you for season 10 Harry can't wait for your help in season 11 much love from Texas

  10. I don’t have the battle pass but I still watch his vids btw like for a locker vid

  11. Can i get someones epic name? ive been trying to find some ppl to play with, mine is YTCairngorgon5

  12. Honestly
    I respect the guy but
    W h y
    Never mind his console he plays on this man is a legend

  13. You guys need to agree with me that Tomato Town is getting a comeback these last days Like The 9th Battle Star on Tomato head…Pretty Iconic Epic

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