SECRET Season 4 Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know About! – Fortnite Battle Royale

In this video, I cover a bunch of secret Season 4 tips & tricks that you should definitely learn! These include a complete guide to all the new fish that are in the game, new adjustments to the loot pool as well as chest spawn, smart tips for which shotguns to use, as well as new techniques and methods to help you win more fights. All of these tips and tricks are new with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 and have not been covered anywhere else on YouTube. They also work in every game mode in the…


  1. "Hey guys, so for this video," is the most legendary sound in the world

  2. Dude I came back to fortnite a couple days ago and can you load creative maps? Did they actually remove it?

  3. tbh, when I'm on controller and I find a epic or gold pump, I side grade it to a charge

  4. Dont lagh at me I just got teir 100 since i wason mobil i got a switch!! last week so dont jugge me plz

  5. Thanks but Im garbage and I always will be I put so much time into this game and practice so much and use all your tips and still Im garbage. Im just naturally bad at all games and theres no way for me to improve or get good at any games on this planet

  6. When you go back in chapter 2 season three there a bunch of sweats

  7. Me and my friend playing duos found that, before wolverine was added, we hit most wins at doom's domain. Our strategy was to kill everybody at doom's and either third party or take the vault ourselves.

  8. Your on leave 2 I’m on leave 71 do you have woven I do you probably dont

  9. There are 10 new fish now because of the Midas and vendetta floppers and can you pls confirm if the Midas flopper is in comp and the boat fishing start is gone since epic removed it

  10. Slurp fish don’t always do 50 just played a game and got lasered to like 15 health, ate 4 slurp fish and only had 100 Heath and 75 shield. It can do 40 health/shield

  11. (Me) What about the vendetta and Midas flopper wait.. (Community) WHEN HES RECORDING THIS THOSE FISH ARENT OUT YET AND STOP BEING SARCASTIC. (Me) Ohhhhhhh. (Community) bruh🙄. (Me) what?. (Community) JUST SHUT UP. (Me) okay 😰

  12. Snitch u be giving up all the tricks n the pros get upset. Because everyone knows how to do things they invented then epic ruins the game smh thanks jerian

  13. 5:45 (almost like hot rock from SEASON 5 I think) SEASON 5? I'm offended and only people who played in season 4 can like.

  14. Btw the giant robots are called sentinels they hunt down the x men I feel like galactis is going to team with them

  15. so nobody gonna question how he said hop rocks are from season 5?

  16. Literally To The 1% Of People Reading This I Really Really Hope Your Healthy , Living A Positive Live , And Since Your The 1% Reading Your Blessed And This Was Meant For You ❤️ Have A Great Day ❤️. Btw I’m Almost at 2K Subs Can You Please Help Me ❤️🥺

  17. You can also deploy your glider when you get boosted by the Sentinel hands

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