Secret Season 8 Week 10 Banner Location Guide (Discovery Challenges) – Fortnite Battle Royale

Secret Season 8 Week 10 Banner Location Guide (Discovery Challenges) – Fortnite Battle Royale

The Season 8 Week 10 secret Discovery Banner can be found on one of the walls at loot lake.

To actually get the Banner to appear though, you first need to complete all ten sets of the weekly challenges (weeks 1-10).

Once all ten of them have been completed, this Secret Banner can be collected and the challenge “Find the Secret Banner in Loading Screen #10” will appear in the Discovery…


  1. Harry is one of the best guide maker there is. Period. Thanks for sharing! ありがとうございます!

  2. T_T I didn’t complete week 10 challenges, or get the banner or complete overtime challenges


  3. THANK YOUU SOOOOO MUCHHH.!!!! Someone that actually shows it instead of hosting a fake giveaway

  4. Thanks man your vids are awesome I hate videos where they just talk and talk and straight up lie and clickbait

  5. Thanks so much for the video, helps a lot. I also like that you don’t have a 5 minute intro, beg for like, and don’t self promote, just help us find the stars! The hero we don’t deserve

  6. jesus!! really ? xD I look by the cars and couldnt see it I dont get why other people make it so confusing xD Lol. Thank you xD

  7. Keep not begging for subs and you'll gain them, thanks for not being a Gattu clone, even his thumbnail was misleading and it took me way too long just to even load up a video to find out it wasn't even where it showed.

  8. Thanks for getting straight into the video not like other youtubers who do a 10 minute giveaway intro.

  9. No click bait no fooling around just straight to the point thanks for being awesome I hope you have a great day and a prosperous YouTube career.

  10. I like how your vids are 55 secs and other people be like:
    WELCOME BACK SUB LIKE SUB LIKE SUB LIKE SUB LIKE SUB LIKE and there videos be like 30 minutes long

  11. Fuck gattu this straight to the point stuff is what we need

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