Shipment SBMM Nuked (3.5KD)

Going to be trying out the release of BOCW a bit later today, I can guarantee I won’t like it.

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* eAdvantage Link:
Use code TGD13 for 13.5% off! They will also send you a USB stick with my aimbot on it (Just memeing lads)


  1. If you watch the video you can tell there is an aimbot at play. There is clear indication of aimbot in certain parts of the video. You watch and re evaluate as you wish.

  2. oh my god, you didn't put down an ammo crate. you must be hacking

  3. Bro been watching ur videos,thanks alot for the great content,one of my favorite COD youtube,u deserve more😊

  4. SBMM: NOOOOOO you're not supposed to have fun and get a high streaks or even nukes!!!!!!
    James: Ahah Nuke goes boom!

  5. I was eating chips while watching this and the nuke came so fast i didnt even noticed you made 30 kills😂 iam so glad you keep uploading MW and not switching to CW like every other youtuber ❤️ acting like CW deserves the name call of duty , pushing it to the sky just to get money

  6. Yea wauw the average kd on the enemy team is 1,5. You’re such a joke

  7. Really impressive considering how random Shipment is. How you didn't get some spawning directly inside your body on several occasions is a mystery.

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