SHOP KEEPER Becomes RANKED NINJA With OP HIDING SPOTS In Apex Legends! #11 Spinks Gaming Moments

#SponsoredByEA So for this Shop Keeper to get any friendly Customers I decided to Rank up in the hopes that Skill Based Match Making would give me some more adventurous players. Welcome to some of my favourite Hiding Spots….enjoy! Smash Like!

Apex Legends:


To the heroes that support the dream!


  1. Hope you enjoyed this style of video!
    I love this type of story telling, let me know your thoughts!?

  2. I've tried these spots to my advantage and it really worked. Thank you very much sensei for helping me to find new tricks in match! I hope you can find something interesting in Season 7!

  3. My first time trying to be a shop keeper I won because me and my squad found another one and their was only 3 squads left and we teamed up and beat the other squad long story short I did a boxing match and won.If you read this whole thing thank you and stay safe

  4. Wattson been setting up fences for 5 mins 7

    Crypto: Im bout to end this mans whole career

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