Shroud Playing Against Apex Predators Apex legends Season 4

Shroud Playing Against Apex Predators Apex legends Season 4


  1. This is why I don't like to play shooters always so many hackers expect for blizzard games

  2. I've always liked shroud, and still do. But I think he's cheating. His aim just snaps to random people (other than the person he's trying to look at) at very inopportune times. I'm not saying he's not good, but I feel like he has some sort of aimbot. I'd love to be proven wrong.

  3. Diamond lobbies r a grind if you dont have a squad. If you have a squad like this Apex predator should b given

  4. Was that the real snipedown in this match at 4:38 (killfeed)? I know he plays Apex but I thought it was on xbox

  5. Skilled matchmaking is broken I’m only silver and I’m level 100 but I get into games with 200 and 300 and predators it’s not fair I have no chance to get better and when my friend who is lvl 23 joins it’s only predators that I’m in a game with and I have an alt account which is level one and I get into matches wit lvl 100 how is that fair

  6. Love the content :)! Consistentcy is key & so is making sure the content you upload is unique & engaging.

  7. Ok wtf, I am literally eating the exact meal shroud mentioned at like the 0:56 mark.

  8. this comment sayin shroud getting carried and hes bad like wtf , you can see clearly he doesnt even trying anymore in this game man , and he use gibraltar , ace and timmy play path and wraith , even shroud say he couldn't keep up with them cuz they play path and wraith , point is he doesnt even trying

  9. I get what u say about the sentinel being bad but anyone find it funny that right after he said that he cracked gold armor in one shot 😂😂

  10. People have to realize that shroud doesn't really play this all that much and also that ace and timmy play 6+ hours everyday and are pro players in the apex community. Yes though they are nasty.

  11. You can see him pause a moment before dibsing the blue to see if ace would. Respect

  12. Man it's soo dumb.. I'm forced to play with others and stuck at gold 4 because my teams trash and loves landing the city… they need solos and duos permanently…

  13. these were not apex predators, you know where u can find em? in bronze and silver smurfing

  14. everytime i hear an american try and use the term "gassed" correctly its cute hahahaha, you'll get there soon, but food does not look or sound gassed… it gets you gassed… like outta breath, super hype

    UK providing US with all the terminology since 2005

    you're welcome

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