Shroud Playing In Diamond Queue Gibraltar Apex Legends Season 4

Shroud Playing In Diamond Queue Gibraltar Apex Legends Season 4


  1. Um….. Hes wrong about the sentinel its like a guarenteed 100 dmg with it charged making it amazing at close range paired with a r9. He thinks its a sniper but lowkey its a shotty

  2. How do you define a sweaty/try hard player? I think that a stupid term. Of course you are going to win, and try beat the other opponent in a gun fight. Just because a team if giving you a hard time, doesn't mean they are a sweaty player.

  3. So my friend said having lifeline and Gibraltar on the same team is useless because gibby can heal fast as well now so that make's him a healer.

  4. I hope Shroud hangs around, which is unlikely. All OGs respect this dude for helping making Apex what it is. If wasn't for Shrouds Beta Testing, this game wouldn't have been such a successful launch.

  5. Nerf this fat fuck. Nothing more annoying fighting a Gibby with his gun shield up spamming a G7

  6. In my opinion the best place to land is mirage voyage because you get the vault key every time

  7. As far as Titanfall 2 servers on PlayStation I didn't have any issues at all must be a PC issue. I did notice how long queues were when the playbase got small again after the free game time died out a bit which was sad since that game was amazing. But once I got into a match it kept putting me in them. Sad to see the player base so tiny for such a dam good game.

  8. He’s not living titan fall is dope af but servers are trash sad that game could of been a top tier game for sure

  9. Been watching shroud since late CS, seeing him switch to BR’s, I keep thinking he will get better in his BR capabilities, and he picks them all up very well, except looting. This game, PUBG, even fortnite. Like just look at your inventory shroud 😂😂😂

  10. You ever see shroud without skadoodle?… No, he has already said he wont play apex without his carrier.

  11. Do you ever get sick of taking other people’s videos and just uploading them

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