Shroud Playing In Predator Queue – Apex legends Season 4

Shroud Playing In Predator Queue – Apex legends Season 4


  1. Fuck you shroud and the idiot who uploaded this to their channel

  2. My wraith stats are half your kills and more Damage lol. Because my teams are always so bad… 🙁

  3. How is footage of this man posted and there's no link or tag to his actual YT or Twitch??

  4. Imma be honest, in ranked most people in gold are bad teammates, and in platinum they're alright but they don't know how to push.

  5. I am sick and tired of hearing of players cry about controllers as if it’s some kind of magical device that aims for you. I can guarantee these pc players that talk about controllers like they’re hacks would get stomped on if they tried to use one. It takes a lot of skill to do what some of the pro controller players do. Not just aim assist.

    Shroud’s getting beamed by someone using a havoc and his first thought is they must be using a controller. The havoc literally only has vertical recoil. It’s extremely easy to control on both controller and mkb.

  6. isnt there a way to send to fuckland the controller players on pc ? lasering with the controller is a cheap move

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