Shroud POSSIBLY Using Humanized Aimbot/Aim Assist/Private Cheat (PUBG+CSGO) + Incriminating Evidence

Disclaimer; I AM NOT DEFINITIVELY CLAIMING THAT SHROUD IS CHEATING. I am simply going over footage and pointing out what seems to be clips in which he seems to have aimlocked onto players in a very similar way to that of a low FOV humanized aimbot. (Look up what this is if you don’t understand the verbage). The fact of the matter is that expensive low threshold aimbots, which are made to be undetectable by the game or to the viewer, are available for purchase and have been used by various…


  1. FUN FACT: before shroud was shroud i use to hack w mikey on maple story and packet edit as well and thats not normal script kiddies hacking lmaoooo mikey always had deep pockets

  2. Wow.. look at the like/dislike ratio. It just goes to show how many stupid fan boys there. There is so much evidence here that show he's hacking. He literally has the perfect aim and is able to keep track of targets when they move, which is impossible.

    I bet if people saw someone killing them like that (and they don't know its shroud) they would immediately call hacks. Just because he is a CS pro or some bs, that doesnt mean hes not hacking.. man people are blinded by their idols..

  3. The one at 1:29 is so fishy. He aimlocks onto his own teammate, reticle snaps onto his teammate but gets affected by the gunshot and repositions onto the guys torso all within what seemed like micro seconds. You have to watch it in the second slowed down part, and then slow it down yourself to 0.25 speed. He made that quick of an adjustment onto his own teammate.
    And 1:13:06 and is just blatant aimbot. 29:46 is the shit I'm seeing with current hackers in warzone. The people will randomly just look onto an exact area of the map where a person just happens to be behind a building, and then when they run out of cover they kill 'em.
    Guy definitely hacks, but I'm sure most people who came out of CS GO scene hacked. That game was the worst, every match I played there was at least one hacker on either team.

    IMO, if this guy wanted to really hit big numbers with his video, he should have compiled like a 2-5 minute long video with clips of definitive aimbot, like 1:13:06, back to back and it would have made more of an impact. Good video otherwise.

  4. the thing is though, all of this does not matter. He may aswell be streaming with red boxes around the enemies and his followers would still find something to defend him with.

  5. Its cool to see Speedhackers united under one flag, to prove shroud is aimbotting

  6. who dropped all the dislikes? fanboys? or did shroud buy bots?

  7. 34:15 + How does shroud know only to shoot 1 bullet. Normally at that range you spray your weapon, espicially in that situation (Health indicators, is a thing)

  8. all shroud fanboys are going through the 5 stages of grief while watching this video lmao

  9. If u used pubg cheats once , u will know how it works as shroud using it.. my cheat was same as the cheat shroud used and I can say he is cheating since I started to watch his out of this world shots

  10. Too much negatives, I imagine are fanboys in denial

  11. People who disliked are dumb fanboys who havent watched the video , if you cant make difference between human reaction speed and a hacker aiming at people through walls then you really need to grow up and stop denying that one of our favorite streamers is a cheater, maybe he doesnt always cheat but he definetely used some before.

  12. 1:15:33 ….wow. This clip.

    This clip is so obvious

    1- the tracking of the guy behind the wall is perfect

    2- why are you aiming and shooting at a stone wall?,i mean you have seen your mate going to this direction there is no way you though this was an enemy because of the stress and start shooting in this way

    3-when he realize that he fcked up look at him…he know , why this face ? He did not die or made a mistake in the game but he realize that it was impossible to him to see this guy
    without cheats involved

    4-because of the panic he try to hide it by quickly aiming to the right not even on the floor level where someone could be here but in the air because he have to act fast to hide this mistake

    5-he knows that he is shooting at someone , why? Because he start to crouch while shooting to be more accurate…

    Same thing at 47:39 he locks into the other guy to the left,then realize the mistake and try to hide it by over aiming to the left he even shake his mouse like "nothing happened"

    4:35 okay so he is leaving the room and he instant-flick to the back of the room in the exact direction of an enemy coming ??

    + why saying "what the" why is he surprised by an movement that should be controlled by him?

    46:58 CLICK NOISE insta-flick ?

    33:57 okay so he is helping his teammate while watching the corners for enemy, nothing sus right there but boom Even before the enemy appears in his line of sight he get up and start aiming at the right, watch in 0,25x speed

    39:47 so you are launching a nade and a the last moment you flick to the right in the direction of the enemy all while saying "wtf i miss my nade" so it wasn't you controlling the mouse ?? why did you made that move ? Because its a sus bug if it is a bug hmmm…

    SO, why don't shroud show us his mouse ?if he is a god at aiming it would be cool to see how he moves his mouse and use his keyboard ?

    If those clip were not made by shroud , would people still be like "this dude is legit, he is just really good"?

    Why do shroud seems surprised by his own actions sometimes ? He is the one doing those actions …?

    If i told you an athlete with inhuman results is using steroid, you could believe me because no one is able to reach his results even if he is officially "clean"

    So why pros could not be cheaters when they are far better than everyone else with inhuman results??

    Im not saying every pro is cheating but we need to think about how we overestimate some fishy Players.

    In my opinion there is no doubt that shroud is or was cheating at some point because those clips cannot be legit at all to me.

    sorry for the English but thanks for reading

  13. So needing a Youtube channel that outs these pro Cheats, there are Tons of them ! Sick to the teeth of them actually ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  14. 2:34 why the FUUUUUUUCK would you turn around, when you are seeing 2 enemies in front of you ??/???? i'll explain why: when you configure the aim lock button to be triggered on "mouse 1", aka the shooting button, at the momment you press shoot, both shooting and aim lock activates, but as the screen had multiple targets, the hack glitches and it will lock at someone you are not even looking at. this makes me so fucking angry, because this shitload will never get caught for cheating because he got famous and has a strong fanbase, and has the support of all stream comunities because he makes A LOT of money for them. basically he is in a level where we know for sure he is cheating, but he is now untouchable and will carry on with his cheating. and to the people that says "oh he played a lot of LAN games and tournaments, impossible to use hacks there"… well guess what my friend, there is a LOT of people that got caught cheating in tourneys, and i can imagine the huge number of players that DIDN't get caught, starting with our sweet shroud here…

  15. It surprises me that it's taken this long for someone to put out a piece like this. This footage is undeniable proof. Period. I've been calling out streamers for years now when I'm actively watching cheats. No one ever believes it. I can tell the difference between crazy gameplay and hacking, because I personally hacked in a few games back in the day. Alot of the hacks I used had built in streamer functions that hide any overlays from recording software. It's almost undetectable unless you know what to look for in player movement. Often times the casual player can't identify that sort of movement, because they simply don't have the experience to know any better. Shroud is 100% beyond any shadow of a doubt someone who's capitalizing on cheating to sell himself as an inhuman god player. That's how he's marketed. He should be publically lambasted for his behavior.

  16. I cant stop watching this video over and over. This guy is sadly cheating bro and its actually sad.

  17. There is a super private csgo cheat, i assume for pro players and top level people. There's a module for spotting people through walls, when you toggle fps 1(or smthing like that) you can see the fps and stuff. There's a tab called SV, so when pros use wallhacks when they hover their crosshair over the player, the sv will suddenly spike and will become red, indicsting that theres a player where you last hovered the ceosshair

  18. I donโ€™t call out people for hacking often but damn it looks like it. Just the fact that he snaps on to people without them being in his pow and even if he knew that they were shooting at him and were they were there is no way that his reaction time is that good

  19. Its all business, these guys are used to sell lots of foreign crap for astronomical profits. So, they're given a free pass to cheat, furthermore, I'd go so far as to say; the game makers likely produce the cheats for them. They're nothing more than corporate sponsored cheaters and they pretty much think we're stupid for buying into their crap, and for buying the crap they're marketing.

  20. this is a no brainier they all do it he is just very good at hiding it better than others……..

  21. All these dislikes from shroud dickriders. The proof is insurmountable tbh

  22. Yep. The hard limit of human reaction speed is around 200ms. He routinely reacts faster than that TO INFORMATION THAT HE DOESN'T HAVE. I don't know how people can rationalize him instantly snapping to enemies that he can't even see. The pixels are literally not on the screen for him to process, no matter how good his reaction speed or aim may be.

  23. 47:39 ๐Ÿค” hmmm, he locked onto the guy behind the wall? And pretty much everyone else in the next clips lol, theres no line of sight but he still locks his crosshairs on them.

  24. Funny thing is that with the kill of 9:55 or something, you can actually see someone in the chat saying the words HOLY HACK

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