Shroud Ranked Up To Diamond I – Apex Legends Season 4

Shroud Ranked Up To Diamond I – Apex Legends Season 4


  1. Waiting for apex legends mobile as I can't afford this. ๐Ÿ˜’

  2. I love how he complains about an AR with scope hitting him from 200m while spamming with a pistol from the same distance. Any other gun with a scope SHOULD win that fight. But hey, โ€œWonder why heโ€™s hitting me??โ€ Itโ€™s BUSTED

  3. Remember when shroud defended how long they wait for nerfs? Now he's being tagged by scouts and feeling what we felt for 5 months.

  4. 22:10 why dont take the bleu shield you maybe survived instead of trying to use 2 last shields that would have been as strong as white bs with enemy;s in your building just shield swap to lower

  5. Wingman is so hard to hit shots with, shroud literally hit like 2 shots while he was up on the tower

  6. Shroud destroyed TSM Imprlhals team twice… It was so fun when they were making excuses like a cry baby about not having fair fight n all.

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