Skill based matchmaking or sbmm has been apart of apex legends since the middle of season 3 I believe or it could’ve even been in the game since the very beginning. In this video I talk about why I believe skill based matchmaking needs to be adjusted and also why I think it doesn’t need to be fully removed from apex legends.

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  1. I remember that time when I FINALLY reached 1000 kills with wraith and i entered a match and me and my team decided to land at the city center in world’s edge and some kind of super human player shot me with triple take from the icy tower (yeah i call it by that name) he shot me twice and I’m dead before i even touch the ground,he didn’t even miss me guys and soon as i got finished by a lifeline, and the funny fact that lifeline got knocked after finishing me by that guy, and i had a breakdown for a week after that sweaty 🙂

  2. I disagree if your in the lobby you should be ranked with predators no matter what. Cause that would be an easy way for preadators to smurf If they join into lower ranking lobbies

  3. Since level 10 to 35 I have been playing against nothing but level 250+ enemies. And I get destroyed in every fight

  4. Tbf I think they should do the matchmaking based on level coz u could be level 24 but they make u play with a level 250

  5. Dude SBMM is stupid im a level 39 bronze and some how im getting pared with level 200 platinum people like wtf

  6. I actually deleted Apex today, since every match I get put up against predators or people with 20 bombs, and 4K badges. I’ve played for like 5 months and it’s every single damn match. The game is not fun anymore. I understand if you just call me trash or just say “gEt bEtTeR nOoB”. Pubs are literally sweaty as hell and it’s basically impossible to kill anybody when your teammates do nothing, especially when you get put against a 3-stacked pred team. I really hate the matchmaking and I just can’t take it anymore.

  7. The whole point of sbmm is to sell skins and to monetize the OVERALL player base which means screwing over the best and most loyal players because they r a small group. If the game thinks u r getting frustrated they dynamically lower the difficulty to throw u a bone but then jack the sbmm up the next game if u do well. I’d argue that the really really good players, like the top 0.5%, are not as affected by sbmm as much as the top 5 percentile because the top players are always going to be much better than the rest of the lobby since the wait times would be too long if they only played other top players. So what happens is that the top players and the good players r in the same pub lobby, which really screws over the good player since it forces him to always play good and top players.

  8. On the home screen they should literally have 3 pub lobbies…beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each one has players of a different skill level. Good players can’t go into the level 1 and really good players can only go into the level 3 lobby. Sbmm should exist but should be transparent and there should only be 3 levels and the top 2 should be the same size. The bottom lobby is basically just really new players like level 30s. And your teammate should be random, not manipulated to balance out the teams because that leads to the best players having the worst teammates. Apex does the teammate mismatch thing, giving u bad teammates but then u r up against masters, because they want to show low level players the gear and tactics of advanced players…it is part of the sbmm algorithm to sell more skins.

  9. It's really frustrating to be a meh player (LVL 90) against people who are waaaay higher level with the 20 kill badges and like level 500, I want to have a good time playing with people of similar skill, not playing people with 10/1 kdr (compared to my 0.6 lol)

  10. I'm over here at level 90 getting absolutely smAshed by level 500 people, I get super excited when I get a single kill (cause it never happens)

  11. I have only played the game for a week and have 4 wins, one of which I got 10 kills and after that I got matched with people with more than 5,000 kills.

  12. That’s the issue though because those bad randoms shouldn’t be in your lobbies. The SBMM doesn’t even work. My friend who has a sub 1 KD still gets preds and master 3 stacks in their lobbies.

  13. Skill base match mak8nh sould be commanded by ur rank and not KD, cuz i'm lvl 24 right now and i have a KD over 1,6 and im playing with people lvl 500 i cant compete,

  14. Im just a new player with a lvl 20 i just wanna play with my lvl ppls but
    Instead im getting a max lvl enemy's who just sweets
    And also my own teamates trash talk cuz im a lvl 20 great game
    Great matchmaking

  15. I’m only silver IV and lvl 85 yet most of the people in my lobby’s are lvl 500 and/or predators each of them with the 20 kills and 4K damage badge

  16. I’ve got 3k kills total because I only just returned to apex in s4 and I’ve been playing with preds since I had 500 kills total

  17. Anybody els back here in season 5? Was pulling off decent wins last week now I can barley pull off 1

  18. Can some one explain how I get a level 30 and 4 and I’m in a lobby with lvl 150 +

  19. I’ve got a kd of 1.1 and only get killed all the time by predators guys with 4K damage and 20 kill badge but I’m only playingwith guys with the same stats like me

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