Skins Being Removed AGAIN + Galaxy Skin HACK?! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Today, we are talking about Fortnite taking skins away from people, as well as Galaxy skin being sold, even though it’s definitely not allowed. Let’s talk about it!
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  1. It’s not fair because if you get gifted through illegal v-bucks because if you get gifted through illegal v-bucks you can’t buy the skin with normal v-bucks so it is impossible to earn it!

  2. hey i was hacked and dont know how to get my skins back anyway you could help?

  3. But how do i lose my banner cape if i got a 10$ gift card and went to the fortnite store to buy it but they refunded it???

  4. Wait wat if u get a code and use it like the double helix skin code is out in till June 2020 I was planning on perchasing a actually switch legit sheet with the code not scratched

  5. Epic should make it so we could buy anything if u we have the vbucks except those rare skins renagade, recon expert, etc etc. Say u have 1000 vbucks and u want a common skin, u should be able to go through a giant shop which let u buy it.

  6. If you got a gifted skin removed you should be given a week to pay for it with your own vbucks and if you don’t then it can be taken away Edit: it should include event items as if you were gifted it it means you were unable to buy it.

  7. My friend gifted me psylocke skin and epic games deleted it from my account because it was illegal vbucks and I didn’t know😭

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