so crypto hacked a hacker into our game in apex legends.. in apex legends…

i fought back with my own hacks



  1. 1:25 buenas muy bueno video lo disfrute ansioso de el nuevo éxito me retiro les mando besitos agradecido

  2. There are too many scam gems, coins, gold or whatever hacks, I can not understand how people fall for those scams. The only web app that works 100% is Gamecrook, tried and tested.Verify

  3. In my mind the only way is EXPOSECHEATS. COM (remove the spaces) the v594 Always seems to work for me

  4. I really hate your voice but I love it at the same time but I hate it but it’s nice but I hate it so much but it’s such a nice voice

  5. no one:
    zylbrad: completely guesses new content and gets it right

  6. I stopped watching for a while so now I have a whole day and nights worth of vids hopefully

  7. The EASTER EGG only activates if those doors get opened or if you destroy them so even if it's last circle, you can activate it if the doors aren't opened or destroyed

  8. Ohhhww.. Thats why i'm always lag .. Crypto stop hack server, i'm noob and cant improve if lagging

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