So I got a new device… | Fortnite Mobile

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1. How old are you?
13 yrs old

2. What device do you play on?
iPad mini 5

3. What is your sensitivity?
Touch Sensitivity : 0.42
Touch Targeting Sensitivity : 0.80
Touch Scope Sensitivity : 0.68
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier : 1.00

4. What do u edit with?

5. What clan are you in?

6. What is your discord?
jay turns left#7741

7. Do you play with fans/subscribers?
Only if i have time 🙂

8. How many fingers do you play?
I play…


  1. Nice Insane I'm Getting A Ipad Air 2 For me Birthday Cuz My S7 Can't Handle Fortnite! 🙂

  2. But you should seriously record in 60fps, everyone is looking for a channel like that

  3. So You Did listen to me My Friend

    My Parents approved but in the summer of 2020,so gonna save up the money

  4. Bro the only reason I watched u was coz u were an iPad mini 4 player just like me and u were so good on a budget device how could u turn away from it? Dude always remember that’s on OG device. Lol and what device do u play on now it looks a solid 60fps

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