so the peacekeeper is unexplainable now in apex legends

wow it really destroys against all these players


  1. Why don’t you come sing like that on the Rez so I can slap you across the face. Ignorant fuck

  2. its so unexplainable that i hit someone for 11 when i get 1 hit with purple armor wtaf

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  5. Everybody gangsta until your health gets deleted while being screamed at "ARIEL SHOTGUN !!

  6. It just makes me laugh the contrast between Brad and Max. Reminds me of the 2 stupid dogs where the little one just can't keep still and the big one just can't be arsed.

  7. I was playing with my friend and he is more of a casual player and before round 1 closed in kings canyon there was 1 squad left and there was a like a tyrhard bloodhound and path so w decided to camp till round 5

  8. Okay zylbrad if you are reading this or others are make a video on this with the new love update if you go to the vault at train yard in world's edge there is a hologram that says if you want you stuff come and get it cause of that all the stuff in the vault is gone and it is always open but when you walk in to the vault turn right and walk to the back and there is a bracket that is lobas and if you hold he it teleports you to another room and it is awesome I'm not going to tell you what it looks like so you can look for yourself if you can't find it remember train yard vault it's always open all the loots gone when you get to it turn right and go to the back the thing that has the loot on it will have a bracelit please look at it and if you make a video of it include my Alex name it is SnappyDaTurtle7

  9. Gifting a sub and a like for your birthday. Sorry about the late gift.

  10. Peace K has such an unpredictability. Cant count how many times I had point blank close quarters Bathroom stall type fight and get a fucking 10, 32, 10, 88 then I'm killed but evo8 double tap purple bolt usually gets them iced. Hate PK cause of this others shoot me far away I'm nearly dead like wtf

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