Someone HACKED my Fortnite Account…


  1. i came here… because it’s happening to me as we speak:( i’ve changed every password, i have two step verification on epic games and microsoft and he still manages to hack me every time i get on.

  2. This happened to me and I already had 2fa and Changed My password like 10 times and I am still getting hacked but from diffrent People

  3. Guys, this happened to me.

    They’re changing my character and stuff, but they’re leveling my battle pass up… I hav 500 vbucks, and he didn’t use any… LOL and also, he used alll 3 of my refunds. He added someone with an Arabic name and added someone named Youssff gamer YT or something. I want my account back! Sometimes I get kicked out of my game because “someone logged into your account elsewhere”

    Tis getting real annoying.
    (Yes i changed my password several times.) I emailed epic games but they ain’t doing sHiT

  4. My account got hacked while I was on vacation but they already wasted 200$ worth of vbucks 😫😫

  5. My account got hacked and they refunded my items including my shark glider and a bunch of my emotes…anyone know anything I can do?

  6. Feels bad my account got hacked too they sold one of my skins and epic hasnt responded yet…. sadly

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