More cheaters ruining the whole game on Apex Legends! It’s unfortunate but not ruining the fun entirely, we even got one to leave lol. Like the video, love you!




  1. i know chinese(or atleast thats what language i think he is using)and this is roughly the translation(tbh with you guys alphabets in chinese can make many different letters and meanings so yeah here's how i understand it as)
    you gua=有呱=maybe
    woshi miaoshenxiande=我是秒神仙的=(this part doesn't really make any sense in chinese so this is how i understand it) I am a god in clapping people./I clap gods.(roughly)

    pls notice this

  2. Hackers will never stop. I hate them they're so annoying but the devs deserve this coz they made a fucking battle royale.
    Seriously? Another cancer royale?

  3. Gamecrook sent me so many active free coins and gems for freebut I wish to have more because they limit to 15k tops.

  4. you guys are just trash at the game. All you do is. complain. Learn how to play the game

  5. Um I’m him how am I a cheater I was playing right I’m just good

  6. Actually most apex hackers are smart it takes allot of coding to read/write to a kernel driver

  7. please EA either change your Anti cheat system or improve it or u will lose a very – very precious and unique game along with millions of players worldwide.. plz try to under the situation and take it seriously . Because you are the only one who help us now…so it is my humble request to you.

  8. A level 500 was wall hacking soo hard he was a s1 member 10k matches played with 70000 wins he had lifelines heirloom

  9. He also had aim lock. I aim crazy good with the 301 with. Lvl 2 barrel mod that kid was making crazy shots

  10. its apex… you were playing a dead game. cheaters in it already should tell you its dead. no need to make a video of it.

  11. Yeah there are lots of cheaters. Its terrible sometimes getting gunned down while the guy is coming around a corner full auto head shots and your almost insta gibbed. I've been dropped while the guy is still around the corner on my screen.

    I thought it was lag at first but I am on 100mbs dsl and an ethernet cord is plugged right in to the ps4.

  12. I would go as far to say they in every round , they banned over a million hackers who made a million more accounts no doubt

  13. These people are nothing more than Script-Kitties, or people that like you said copy and paste their hacks. That name comes from an old friend of mine from back in MW2 that KNEW how to actually hack into the code of the game and even the system itself back then so again… these are they're words, not mine

  14. Are you retarded? Making a threat of sending a bomb to someone's house is a class 1 felony. Watch that shit dude.

  15. perks on playing on console, theres not a lot of hackers unlike pc 😛

  16. Woah IF that player was cluey …. You boys would be up for some serious blackmailing and death threat charges….. lol no matter what .

  17. Just chill man! You got a hacker in your team, when i would have a hacker in my team i should playing together…

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