*SUPER EASY* GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH For ANYONE To DO! – GTA 5 Online Money Glitch Mission on PS4/Xbox/PC

*SUPER EASY* GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH For ANYONE To DO! – GTA 5 Online Money Glitch Mission on PS4/Xbox/PC

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i am showing you
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  1. make it hard and 18k :))) beside no ned to take 2 laps on dock just strait to point after change

  2. Not 2 be rude but this is acc useless this wont help at all just waste ur time like wtf

  3. Really I watched this shit video for 8 mins for 15 k not really a glitch is it !!!!

  4. first thing i did was looked at the comments and saw that it was fake and clicked off the video before the intro was done

  5. Dude fuck you….I hope the small amounts of money you make from YouTube gets taken away because you make garbage bait… REPORT THE VIDEO

  6. Hello Sam I am a long time fan I always try to win these give aways but I never can I love the vids green gang ✅ also man I will take time out my dad to watch you if I win the give away I’ll probably give it to my friend who cant afford it I play on ps4 my YouTube channel is LYNE_R4ZER_ttv i coment on all the vids I watch I still do #kramsqaud cuz after the job all your old fake fans left but I sayd I will watch until you end the channel and if you do then I guess i will have no god to me to tell me how I can make money thanks 🙏 for all the help you give me I hope I win it will mean the world I play on ps4 if I win text the code on insta

  7. I could sell one standard range car in less time and get more money than this kids stupid 'glitch'.

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  9. Did are you dumb or dumb a money glitch is when you get a lot of money what is 15,000 I can get twice with just a madrazo mission just stop doing this it isn’t for u I wouldn’t leave a like or subscribe for bad content

  10. Your method sucks ass, all you did was play a contact mission and get a really low pay

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