Suspected Fortnite Hacker April 16, 2018

A video showing an alleged hacker I ran into on Fortnite’s Solo Queue, on April 16th, 2018.


  1. I xont want hate ir anything i honestly dont like hackers cheaters and stuff but ots a game let em be they'll end up having it hard later on after it becomes serous.

  2. Thsi guy is Alex Jones of the gaming world, conspiracy theories on cheaters and epic games.

  3. The dumbest video I have ever watched. If he was using an aim bot he would have easy killed you when he saw you the first time running up the hill. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

  4. thats clearly not aimbot you are just hella butthurt that you got killed

  5. Bro the guys not hacking your just a SALTY you suck at the game and that dude made a good play on u with the shock nades your a sweat who can't take an L

  6. you call this evidence of a hacker? :/ im sry but that's just not even remotly good enough. and replay does not depict flick shots or accurate aiming at all, so you can't know what he's accuratly doing at his end. And just because some player manages to allign his sight with you through a mountain does not mean he's hacking, that can happend to anyone at any time. As for him being bad, i don't think a bad player would be able to slide down mountains without the urge to build is low. He was strategic about chasing you, you just got caught and gave up highground. this is just wild guessing on your part, you see what u want to see.
    And you can lookup his profile showing nearly 600 matches and 11 wins, you simply got owned by a new player πŸ™‚
    So i think you should rethink how you upload your videos, showing names and all.
    You basicly target people, innocent or not.

  7. Dude you sound like u are at least 25 playing this game and assuming that a kid that is blatantly better is an aimbotter. Why are you even complaining because you got out played that kid was so bad and you still died…SMH

  8. I think that you get salty every time someone kills you and you pretend they are hacking

  9. get fucked kid lol. not aimbotting. u just got outplayed and can't handle it because he wasn't building. U don't have to build in this game to get kills. In that specific spot, u chose not to get highground by building more so thats ur fault.

  10. gotta love it when all them hackers are commentingthey should be more worried about the trojan lurking on their comps

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