10 FINGER CLAW – PUBG MOBILE – CONQUERER LEAGUE —–||||| Equipment |||||—— Phone : Poco F1 Tv : Apple tv 2029 edition Software : TattiTouch.exe Camera : RED Dragon-X Editing app : Kinemaster ——————————————- FBI discord : ——||||| Donations |||||—— Paytm : 7888680793 ——————————————– ——||||| Stalk me here |||||—— InstaContinue Reading

PUBG MOBILE – ULTIMATE 3 FINGERS CLAW SETUP In this video I showed ultimate 3 fingers claw setup and it’s work really good on any size of device. Thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed please drop a like and Subscribe for more ( 。◕‿‿◕。) ————————————————————- Business: Email –Continue Reading

One of the biggest competitive advantages you can get in PUBG Mobile is better movement control, recoil management, and aim. Today we are going to look at how I took a massive leap forward in my gameplay simply by altering the way I held my device and changing to aContinue Reading

PUBG Mobile Claw = Win! I will make a “ PUBG Mobile How To CLAW! Part 2 “ soon and thank you guys for everything… yes it’s my bday thx for asking xD! MY DISCORD SERVER: BTHX Discord Server: Editor: Inshot, iMovie, Adobe Screen Recorder: IOS 11 Screen Rec. Device:Continue Reading

MY DISCORD SERVER: PUBG Mobile is just one step in my life… I will obviously begin others games but guys remember no matter what… your still always #1 to me for everything. I really do love you guys and I would never my ego get in the way. Thank youContinue Reading