I’m playing some more Gta 5 mods, this time K.I.T.T has some competition as I go offroad exploring with a companion car mod. Mods used Car Companion – K.I.T.T – Enhanced Native Trainer – Don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂

I play around with some remote control cars on Gta 5, you really do have to love mods. Mods used Watch Dogs Hacking – Mini Monster Truck – Lara Croft Skin – Don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂

SUPER FLYING YACHT!! GTA 5 Mods Showcase! (GTA 5 Funny Moments) ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : MASSIVE OCULUS RIFT GIVEAWAY : Tweeting shenanigans on Twitter @Ollihull : Instagram’ing behind the scenes : Twitch : In this gta 5 mods showcase Olli43 checks out the super flying yacht! It’s completely flyableContinue Reading